Many of us struggle with sleep, for some this means turning to sedatives or sleeping pills. If you want to sleep well naturally, this programme is for you. Additionally, it will help anyone with anxiety, stress, depression and other related conditions.

Our wellness experts incorporate relaxation therapies, healthy personalized meals, meditation and Hatha yoga to put you to sleep in the calming environment of Santani. We also assist with the understanding of how to sustain this level of rest once you are back in your daily routine.

Minimum 5 nights

  • Personalized wellness consultation upon arrival with the resident doctor including body type analysis
  • Access to spa facilities including thermal salt bath, steam, and sauna
  • Customized meals to reduce cravings, and replacing them with naturally balancing foods and liquids
  • Personalized Ayurvedic and spa treatments that induce better sleep and relax the body (75 minutes per day)
  • 30-minute yoga Nidra sessions (daily)
  • Ayurvedic/classical therapies to de-stress and improve sleep quality
  • Group Hatha yoga and meditation sessions (daily)
  • Guided group nature walks
  • Lifestyle discussions and healthy living guidance
To enhance sleep duration and quality
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