Any kind of addiction is a psychological and physiological dependence on any substance viz alcohol, caffeine, drugs, food, taste, etc. We believe restraining yourself from substances is not a permanent solution for any sort of vulnerability.

At Santani, we strengthen your mind, restructure your thought process, enhance spirituality and rebalance your physiology to overcome any such vulnerability. This is the general description and the final protocol will depend on the severity of the addiction, age, physical and mental state etc. The programme would be carefully designed to address individual needs, after the consultation with the head of wellness.

Minimum 21 days

  • Personalized wellness consultation upon arrival and departure with the resident doctor including body type analysis
  • Personalized gourmet wellness plan
  • Herbal medication during the course of the stay to suppress cravings
  • Group Hatha yoga and meditation sessions in the morning and evening (daily)
  • 90-minute spa treatments and therapies per day or personalized yoga and meditation sessions
  • Access to spa facilities including thermal salt bath, steam, and sauna
  • 1 personalized session for lifestyle class (60 minutes per week)
  • Guided group nature walks
  • Lifestyle discussions and healthy living guidance
To assist those with addiction vulnerabilities to rebalance their physiology to overcome addiction
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