Santani Wellness Kandy is a 116-acre former tea plantation within a pristine forest that allowed us to create a restorative wellness destination, which is completely accessible yet blissfully secluded. Our rooms are built for natural ventilation and are air-condition free – far healthier for you, and better for the environment because this saves over 70% of energy compared to an air-conditioned hotel.

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In ancient times, anyone seeking inner peace could take refuge in the Buddhist meditation caves which still exist within this sacred, mountainous landscape. They would remain untouched by the outside world until such time as they wished to emerge. We do not live in those times, however, at Santani, we endeavour to offer the possibility to reach that level of silence and peace if you wish.
Except for our media room with a 15-seat theatre, all of our shared spaces are Wi-Fi free by design and we ask that you respect this digital-free downtime when you dine and spa with us. Wi-Fi is available upon request in your rooms.

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