During the last few decades, the lifestyles of mankind drastically changed. Humans had to struggle for continuity and progress. Due to the physical and emotional imbalance caused during this process, the efficiency of vital bodily functions including immunity were disturbed. This made humans prone to frequent infections and illnesses.

Unhealthy food, less physical activity, inadequate sleep, emotional imbalance and disturbed toxin elimination functions in the body can be considered the key contributors to a weak immune system.

After a proper cleansing process and appropriate lifestyle change, the immune system does not have to fight against accumulated toxins or support the recovery process from unhealthy habits. This rests the immune system and gives it time to rejuvenate and get to optimum condition and fight against external threats. Santani Immune Boosting Detox package starts at a minimum of 07 nights stay and can be extended up to 21 days.

Minimum 7 nights

  • Personalized wellness consultation upon arrival with the resident doctor including body type analysis
  • Strict personalized diet plan focused on cleansing and boosting immunity
  • Group Hatha yoga sessions in the morning and evening (daily)
  • Personalized Ayurvedic and western cleansing with detox treatments (90 minutes per day)
  • Detoxifying spa treatments including thermal salt bath, steam and sauna
  • Prescribed Ayurveda treatments to improve immunity – based on Doctor’s recommendation
  • Guided group nature walks
  • 1 meditation or yoga Nidra session
  • 1 Pranayama (breathing techniques) session
  • Lifestyle discussions and healthy living guidance
To prevent external health risks by boosting your Immune system
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