Stress (which leads to mental health issues) is essentially a situation where we struggle to do what we have to do. However, this was a constant and the driving force of evolution. The animals who adapted faster to manage those struggles progressed and the rest ceased to exist. In this process of adapting to stressful situations, humans came out to be the best and thus became the most dominant animal in the world. Then why are we struggling with stress today?

The stresses we faced and mastered for billions of years were related to survival. It was survival of the fittest. It was physical. Today’s stresses are mental as a result of information coming to us at a pace we have never encountered before. This is a struggle that we do not have any experience dealing with. We need to focus on adapting to this new reality. We need to be in our fittest state again. However, this time, it’s Mental, Spiritual and Physical. This is the biggest human need today. “Human Sustainability” is at stake. If you are already sick, your ability to adapt is already diminished. We need to move to a preventative healthcare paradigm. We need to nourish the mind so that we can better manage the information overload.

Balanced Wellness

Freedom to Thrive

Santani has been thoughtfully conceived to offer naturally healing landscapes, holistic architecture, delectable food and deep knowledge of health and wellness from the traditional to the scientific, plus a stimulating array of life-enhancing pursuits. These include yoga, detox and cleansing therapies, Ayurveda, meditation, cardio and holistic fitness, mountain hiking, jungle gyms and swimming in natural pools just to name a few.

Our intention is to empower you to choose among these what to do, or not do, in the moment, then try another path whenever you so desire. Freedom to seek, to choose and to thrive is what Santani is all about. For our guests who wish to experience the highlights surrounding Santani, we recommend golfing, safari and cultural immersion tours of Kandy through our trusted partners.

Wellness Heritage

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s wellness heritage dates back more than 5,000 years. Whether or not we take the Ramayana literally, it is true that medicinal plants found here do not grow anywhere else other than in the Himalayas. These therapeutic plants form the basis for Ayurveda, a two-part Sanskrit word, ayur meaning ‘life’ and veda meaning ‘knowledge.’ A comprehensive, holistic approach to healthy living Ayurveda remains extremely relevant within the context of modern wellness.

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is characterised by two distinct forms of treatment: Shamana alleviates symptoms and Shodhana, which literally translates as ‘to wash away,’ cleanses the body to remove the root causes of disease. Detox and cleansing programmes at Santani are deeply rooted in these ancient therapies proven effective over the centuries.

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