Built over 250 years ago, the Bambaragala Cave Temple is located about an hour away by vehicle and is decorated with brightly painted Buddhist artwork. Some of the drawings and artwork in the temple are even said to pre-date the Kandyan era.

Guests of all agilities can visit the temple itself, however, the climb to the top of Pettigala rock, which stands at 760m and sits atop the temple, is a bit more difficult. The hike affords breathtaking panoramic views of Victoria Reservoir and beyond, and is only recommended for experienced hikers. Although only an hour’s hike to the top, the final stretch requires balance and confidence.

The temple is located around 1 hour away from Santani. This excursion will take just over 5 hours. It will take less time if it is only restricted to the temple visit.

If visiting the temple, please wear long bottoms, a top with sleeves, and ideally white or light-coloured clothes.

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