Dare to push your limits and embrace the thrill of conquering nature’s grandeur with our exclusive 3-night Challenge Package at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa. Prepare to scale all 5 magnificent peaks of the Knuckles Mountain Range and journey to the awe-inspiring Gombaniya peak – a true test of your spirit and determination. A 5-Course, super fine-dining Dinner awaits you once you return to Santani.

3 nights

Day 1 – 2pm arrival

  • Meet with naturalist to discuss program

Day 2

  • 7.30am depart to knuckles 5 peaks (22km)
  • 11 hr hike

Day 3

  • 7.30 am depart to Gombaniya (14km)
  • 10hr hike
  • 5 course dinner

Day 4 – check out

  • 5 Course Dinner
  • 1 Complimentary Massage per stay
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