Santani Wellness Kandy has been designed according to the highest sustainability and eco-standards. We spent more than two years searching for this pristine location because we understood humans heal and thrive most effectively where nature meets intelligent, sustainable design. We have since continued to be as sustainable in our operations as possible.


The property was built using reclaimed wood and rooms are built for natural ventilation and are air-condition free – far healthier for you, and better for the environment, because this saves over 70% of energy compared to an air-conditioned hotel.


We use treated recycled water from our STP for about 80% of our garden – through this exercise we are able to reduce the groundwater consumption from our wells, allowing us to sustain our well water sources even during the dry months when rainfall is low.

Electric Buggies

Electric buggies are used in the resort to reduce our fuel usage. During the day we need to transport supplies, guest luggage and linen all over the resort. By using electric buggies, we remove the fuel consumption that would be required to accomplish these daily tasks.

Fresh Produce

Homegrown Goodness

Locally Sourced

Jaggery, jack fruit, fresh milk, staff meal ingredients, vegetables and local fruit are obtained from the immediate locality. We purchase these items directly from the sources available within the community around Santani.


Our own greenhouse is used to grow certain vegetables and herbs, including spinach, gotukola, wing beans, banana, ginger etc. Micro herbs such as mustard and bean sprouts are also grown by our chefs. Even beekeeping is done in our greenhouse where we have 4 bee boxes for rearing our own bees for honey. These fresh ingredients only make our gourmet wellness cuisine that much more wholesome.

Medicinal Herbs

We grow some of our own medicinal herbs such as Nika, Kahipitha, Nelli, Pawata, Belli, Siyabala and Enderu all over our property where the soil is rich. The healing properties of these medicinal wonders are used by our Ayurveda doctors for various wellness treatments and therapies.

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