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Wellness Retreat Package: The Best Gift

This period of curfew and being quarantined in your home for more than a month has taken a toll on all of us in different ways. Whether it is because we have been working way beyond our usual 9-5 work hours, or whether all the zoom lectures and meeting have drained our energy or even we’ve had to postpone or miss out on things we were looking forward to, like your wedding or a trip abroad.

Staying at home and getting used to a different kind of lifestyle neither is relaxing or stress-free. But don’t worry, Santani Resort & Spa has got you covered with wellness retreat packages that will refresh and rejuvenate you.

These packages would make the perfect gift under any circumstance. Whether you want to gift it to your partner for your anniversary, or your best friend for making it through an exam or even for yourself, just because you deserve it, these packages will make the best gift for them all. There are a range of packages that are available and they operate under the unofficial slogan ‘No two people are alike’ and are therefore personalized to bring you the best experience.


Being pampered by Ayurveda treatment may be just what your body needs to regain a healthier and balanced life. This package includes specific treatment for those who have gone through physical or mental stress and trauma as well. Santani recovery aims to achieve holistic wellness and healing by focusing on rehabilitation and helping you include Ayurveda into your daily life. Personal Dosha Ayurveda focusses more on bringing healing to a specific condition that you might have through customized meals and group yoga sessions.


‘Prevention is better than cure’. And this detox is to help cleanse the body and revive it before it falls prey to any diseases. The Santani Detox is quite flexible and can be personalized according to your needs. The duration of the detox, the degree of intensity of the package and even between Ayurvedic and Western treatments. The Santani Immune boosting detox focusses on restoring a healthy routine into your sleep schedule, eating habits and your physical and emotional activities as well. This package helps rejuvenate your immune system and makes it stronger resulting in a healthier wellbeing.

Healthy living

The stress of work or anxieties in our relationship or can take a toll on our health in more ways than one. This packages focuses on restoring your sleep pattern and eliminating excess weight. The Santani Weight Loss program is interested in helping you lose weight while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This program is designed in such a way that you feel energized and encouraged to want to continue. But while some of us need to shred a few pounds because we have been stress eating, others’ sleep routine might have been affected for the same reason. Santani Sleep package helps you regain sleeping well naturally without the help of sedatives. Relaxation therapies, meditation and Hatha yoga are included in this package to enhance the quality of your sleep.


The Personalized Yoga package is perfect for all those who are in need of a yoga retreat or holiday. This flexible program focuses on the holistic develop of the body and mind whether you haven’t done a single hour of yoga before or whether you practice it daily. This program is inclusive of one-on-one coaching sessions, personalized strategies to improve posture and breathing as well as spa treatments and massages.

Addressing stress

This is designed mainly for those who have been dealing with way too much stress. A getaway to a quiet place surrounded by nature, with great nutritious food, spa treatments and yoga sessions should do the fix to relieve all the built up stress. The Re-balancing Bliss program focuses on giving you tools to deal with a stress of life while indulging you in de-stressing treatments and a time of relaxation. Santani Spa Getaway package is all about giving your body, mind and spirit a relaxing and energizing break so that you will be able to reboot. And the De-addiction program focuses on finding a permanent solution for any addiction you may have, be it chocolate or drugs. The program which is inclusive of herbal medication, sauna and a doctor’s consultation would be just what you need to overcome the addiction.

So have you decide which package you are going to pick as a gift after quarantine is over?

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