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8 Signs You Need Help with a Wellness Resort

A quiet getaway in the hills of a beautiful island, Healthy and delicious food prepared by world-renowned chefs, A time to reset and rejuvenate yourself, Absence of honking cars and smoky air, sounds good, doesn’t it?

Santani is a world-recognized wellness resort and spa, founded with the sole aim of prioritizing your health and wellbeing. Here are just 8 signs that you may need the support and guidance of one of the best wellness resorts in the world to achieve your full potential.


Even if you have quite actively tried to remove yourself from the rat race of life, your schedules can still overwhelm you. Waking up tired, being easily irritable and having no interest in things that usually sparked interest in you are clear signs that your schedules are exhausting you. But don’t fear. A getaway to the beautiful wellness resort that aims to rejuvenate through relaxing spa treatments, calming nature walks, yoga and much more will be able to solve this problem in no time.


Either because of the pressures of work/education, peer pressure or because of indulging in anything too often, unhealthy addictions might develop. If you are struggling with an addiction or think you are heading towards being addicted, Santani has a brilliant de-addiction wellness program, catering to any type of addiction. This program strengthens the mind, restricts thought process, enhances spirituality and rebalances physiology to help you overcome any vulnerability.

Weight Concerns

The unhealthy habits, stress eating and lack of time for exercise definitely lead to us neglecting our physical health. Santani offers a customized weight loss program designed according to what your health goal will be. Based on your goals and consultations with the on-site doctors, Santani plans your entire stay from the meals to the yoga programs in order to ensure you meet your goals in a sustainable manner.

Lack of Good Sleep

We all know how important sleep is for our mind and body, but unfortunately due to the demands of our daily lives, we neglect this aspect way too often. ‘Santani Sleep’ helps anyone with anxiety, stress, depression and other related conditions to sleep well naturally. Through relaxation therapies, healthy personalized meals, meditation and Hatha yoga, Santani helps you sleep well while also assisting you to understand how to sustain this level of healthy rest once you go back home.

Yearning Peace of Mind

Sometimes because of the stresses and busyness that life demands, you wish to just tune out of everything and have a peaceful mental state. If this is you, Santani’s yoga sessions might help you achieve this through holistic development of body and mind. Through supporting postures, meditation and breathwork, this personalized program will optimize the benefits of yoga on your body and mind, leading you to achieve peace of mind.

Neglecting Your Wellbeing

Are you someone who has neglected your total wellbeing? We’re not just talking about your physical health. Total wellbeing includes your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and it is important to tend to all these factors to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Most often we have the time and energy to only focus on one. A stay at Santani will help you discover ways in which you can incorporate looking after your total wellbeing in your daily schedule by the meals you have, practice of yoga, mindfulness and much more.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

As much as a balanced diet is something we hope to have in our meals, on the busiest and stressful days we slack off and reach for the chips packet for dinner or order some junk food for lunch. Santani’s personalized dining experience is not just mouthwateringly delicious but also very healthy and nutritious. So if you are worried about all that you have been feeding your body, Santani aims to change this cycle, by ensuring your stay is filled with nutrition and then giving you the best tips to maintain this healthy diet.

Need a Guided Wellness Journey

If you want to focus on yourself more and prioritize your health and wellbeing, but don’t know how, Santani is the ideal place for you. The qualified practitioners and in house doctors coupled with the award-winning chefs will guide your start to this wellness journey. As sustainable wellness is the priority at Santani, each guest is equipped with the necessary tools to continue this wellness journey even after you go home.

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