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Detox for weight loss at Santani

Obesity and excessive weight gain is a fast increasing problem in the world today. Whether you believe that it’s due to the deteriorating healthy habits of people or reduced levels of activity in our daily lives, statistics have shown that obesity levels across the world have been increasing.

What you might not know is that Ayurveda practice can go quite a long way in combatting this. Ayurveda introduces healthy practices and approaches to diet, exercise and mindfulness, aiming to keep obesity and excessive weight gain away.

Ayurveda is a holistic and prevention-oriented medicine and healthcare approach that first originated in India over 5000 years ago and continues to be practiced, both in India and Sri Lanka. Simply put, Ayurvedic medicine aims to promote health, balance and longevity through simple guidelines that focus on attuning the individual to the environment and the natural rhythms of nature, seasons and the time of day.

Because Ayurveda promotes health and long-term balance in our lives, our tendencies to fall into patterns of overeating and lethargy can be very easily tempered by incorporating the simple guidelines that Ayurveda recommends.

It is on these guidelines and foundational principles that Santani’s Weight Loss program is designed.

Santani Wellness Resort and Spa is a luxury wellness retreat up high in the Central Hills which surrounds the city of Kandy. Built on a former tea estate and surrounded by beautiful paddy fields and lush greenery, with a hilltop view to match, Santani is a world-class Ayurvedic wellness resort and retreat which has revolutionized Ayurvedic retreats in Sri Lanka since its opening in 2016.

Santani’s Weight Loss program is an Ayurvedic package designed to eliminate excessive weight while introducing energy, balance and health into our lives.

Santani does this by first arranging a personal consultation with the resident Doctor who will proceed to compile a careful medical history that will identify key medical concerns, and physical and emotional stressors and then use this information to tailor a weight loss program specific to you.

This customized program will design all aspects of your stay starting with a healthy diet to the detox regimes that are recommended. Typical components of the Santani Weight Loss program includes introducing customised healthy and natural ingredients into your diet so that you can detox for weight loss with a primary focus on correcting imbalances in the digestive and excretory systems. Also included are personalised Ayurvedic treatments, adjusted according to your profile and consultation with Santani’s resident doctor, to induce fat burning, detox as well as increase the metabolic rate of the body. There are a variety of cleansing methods that are practiced depending on each individual’s specific health goals. Some of these methods include ‘enema’, ‘elimination of toxins through the nose’, ‘deep cleansing’ and ‘purgation’. In addition, Hatha yoga classes will teach mental mindfulness and relaxation techniques that can curb stress habits that contribute to weight gain in our lives. By learning to be mindful of our bodies and of our emotions, our tendency to gain weight due to stress can be managed and controlled quite well. The detox program for weight loss at Santani also includes spa and massage treatments as it will improve circulation in order to let fat-soluble toxins into the digestive system. This program also includes many physical activities such as nature walks and treks that will help the process of fat burning.

Most importantly, this holistic detox retreat at Santani ensures that you learn how to incorporate all these aspects – healthy diet, exercise and mindfulness – into your daily life so that this sustainable program will assist you in your weight loss goals even after you return to your usual schedules.

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