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A Relaxing Quarantine During Your Holiday to Sri Lanka at Santani Resort

It’s been over a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and although things seem to be improving with the distribution of vaccines and a higher understanding of the virus, safety precautions must still be taken. One of the biggest industries that were affected by the pandemic is tourism.

Countries closed their borders for tourists in order to control the spread and even after many months once the borders reopened, some countries made it mandatory for tourists to spend 2 weeks in quarantine before joining the community. Sri Lanka’s safety measures include spending two days in a government certified hotel if vaccinated and two weeks if you haven’t received the vaccination yet.

Although people are yearning to go on a holiday, especially to a tropical island such as Sri Lanka, to enjoy the sunny beaches while kicking back and relaxing, people are very hesitant to spend two weeks of their holiday stuck in a hotel room. No matter how comfortable or luxurious a hotel room can be, it can still get quite monotonous as it’s not the ideal way you would want to spend your vacation.

Santani Resort and Spa provides you with a unique solution to this concern.

How does Santani provide a better quarantine experience?

Santani is a beautiful resort located in the central highlands of this picturesque island. At 2,800 feet above sea level and a land area of 120 acres, Santani assures that your quarantine stay will not feel mundane or boring. This relaxing resort in Sri Lanka has created special packages that will allow all those who require to be isolated to enjoy the beauty of the country and all it has to offer while remaining safe and responsible. As Santani is located at such an advantageous spot with a vast area of land overlooking the historic city of Kandy, there will always be a new experience that will fascinate you and fill you with awe. The opportunity to explore and wander around this stunning landscape will not compromise your health and safety, as additionally to the vast open space with multiple trails and activities, the staff at Santani have also been trained to follow the correct COVID protocols. Saliya Amarathunga, the head of wellness at Santani, guarantees that at Santani “every day is a new adventure and new experience.”

What can I actually do?

Santani is known as one of the best wellness resorts in Asia. The array of treatments offered from traditional Ayurveda medicine to Western therapies, the professional and experienced doctors and practitioners available on site and the various amenities offered combine to make this a unique stay that offers to help you regain your total wellbeing and provide you with sustainable rejuvenation. Even during your quarantine, Santani ensures that you will be able to access the many different wellness retreat treatments and the Ayurveda spa that sets Santani apart from other wellness resorts. Your stay at Santani could include nature walks, bird watching, experiencing the process of tea production first hand and challenging hikes. Additionally, you are also given the opportunity to use the spa, thermal baths and sauna that are available to help you truly relax and enjoy your holiday. Santani also provides you with the opportunity to participate in Yoga sessions guided by expert practitioners to help you meditate and practice mindfulness. Do you see why it feels like a vacation you yearned for instead of a government-mandated quarantine period?

What else does Santani have in store for me?

Most wellness resorts offer vegan food for all their guests to complement their practice. However, Santani offers a wide variety of meals. Guests are given the opportunity to choose whether they would like to have a vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. The meals are prepared by highly acclaimed chefs that produce a Michelin star quality food experience. All meals are carefully and intrinsically made by using fresh and healthy ingredients to ensure a holistically revitalizing experience. Additionally, even though Santani does offer various activities for you to engage in, it allows you to take your stay at your own pace. There is no set plan or agenda for your stay and each guest is allowed to set their preferred pace for their vacation, taking it as slow as you wish or packing each day with as many activities as you wish. Santani’s unstructured and flexible routine allows you to find your natural rhythm and be tuned to your body’s wants and needs.

So if you were concerned that your quarantine would result in severe boredom or a waste of a good holiday, Santani resort and spa solves this by combining your quarantine with a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday experience.

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