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Santani Selected as a Top Luxury Wellness Experiences for 2021 by National Geographic

With a growing list of international accolades and awards to its name, Santani Wellness Resort and Spa was recently recognized by National Geographic Magazine as one of the top five luxury wellness experiences across the world for 2021.

Recognizing that the past year of 2020 was one filled with immense stress and lockdown anxiety, National Geographic compiled this list to highlight the restorative and rejuvenative aspects of the selected resorts.

Writing that “health has come into focus in new and profound ways over the past year, and is something many travellers are now prioritising,” Tamsin Wressell lists Santani Wellness Resort and Spa as a highlight-worthy resort with special emphasis on the sleep therapy and relaxation programmes Santani Resort has on offer.

Opened in September of 2016, Santani Wellness Resort and Spa is located in Werapitiya, on a former tea estate and surrounded by large swathes of lush paddy fields. A luxury wellness resort with an exclusive limited number of suites, Santani is uniquely designed to immerse guests in the natural rhythms of the surrounding environment as much as possible.

This concept even extends to Santani’s sustainable and eco-conscious footprint as the entire resort is built on the commitment to impact the surrounding environment in a few ways as possible by utilizing beautiful clean design features that reduce the resort’s energy usage and waste.

Using traditional Ayurveda practice as its foundational base, Santani offers a wide slate of wellness options including packages designed to help boost immunity, reduce stress, rebalance diets as well as help in de-addiction and rehabilitation. Santani also has a special calendar of visiting masters to the resort, where world-renowned Ayurvedic practitioners, therapists and healing practitioners visit Santani and conduct programs, workshops and treatment exercises for the duration of their visit.

Highlighted in the National Geographic article that identifies Santani as a top luxury wellness resort for 2021 is Santani’s Sleep retreat package. This package, aimed at helping rehabilitate our out-of-balance sleep habits and patterns, consists of a personalised consultation with Santani’s resident Doctor who then formulates a customised package plan for you. By introducing natural diets and a regimen of meditation and Hatha yoga, in addition to Ayurvedic treatments, this package will provide an opportunity to reset and refresh your sleep schedule. The package also includes workshops that will help you incorporate yoga and mindfulness practices, healthy food and diet into your daily life once you leave Santani so that your sleep improves even outside Santani’s peaceful environment.

The Santani Sleep package is just one of the many treatments and wellness options Santani Resort offers. The Santani Recovery package is one of the more popular packages offered at the resort with its broad focus on overall rest and rejuvenation as well as efficiency in helping with recovering from recent physical or emotional trauma. Likewise, the Santani Detox and the Santani Spa Getaway are also quite popular among guests for their use of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and treatments to help cleanse and destress.

This feature in National Geographic magazine is just the latest in a long string of international recognition for Santani Resort, having already earned praise and features in international magazines such as TIME Magazine, Forbes, Vogue, Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller.

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