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Benefits of Going to a Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

If you’re coming off the heels of the last two years spent cooped up at home, stress upon stress building on your shoulders, and jumping into 2022 looking to improve your life, a yoga retreat could be just what you need.

One of the best ways to relax, unwind and rediscover yourself is to immerse yourself in the ancient art of yoga. Its origins as a mind and body practice has been attributed to India, and Sri Lanka, India’s neighboring island paradise, has become a prime yoga destination.

Read on below to find out more about yoga, why you should practice it, and why Sri Lanka is the ideal place for you to do it.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that prioritizes your mental and physical wellbeing. It enables you to tap into your inner spirituality, connect with your spirit and to find harmony with nature and your atmosphere. If your everyday life is stressful and taking up too much of your mental capacity, you must consider practicing yoga to bring some relaxation and mindfulness into your life.

What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat involves your taking some time off from work and “life”, to withdraw to a remote location (ideally) to focus completely on your practice of yoga. While a yoga retreat at a luxury hotel has its own perks, the most effective and serene yoga retreat is one where you are able to connect with nature, live simplistically and deepen your understanding of yoga without the unnecessary distractions that your digital devices bring.

Why is Sri Lanka the best place for a yoga retreat?

Yoga is all about cutting back and leaving out the distractions of life to connect spiritually. Many locations within the island paradise of Sri Lanka, especially those based in the hills of the upcountry regions, are perfectly suited for this venture. At a hilltop retreat, you will find that the beauty and serenity of the sunrise, sunset, wildlife and other natural phenomena engulfs you and helps you forget the worries and problems of every-day city life.

Sri Lanka is home to vast expanses of forests, mountains and crisp, clean air, which are rare to witness in a cityscape. A yoga retreat in Sri Lanka would offer you premium access to uncorrupted spaces in the mountains, gorgeous views to enthrall your senses and connections with the friendliest people you will ever meet. As a well-known destination for yoga enthusiasts, Sri Lanka has a wealth of knowledge available for you to explore about the ancient art and also has the best instructors to help you through your practice.

Where in Sri Lanka is the best?

What Sri Lanka has in abundance is vast expanses of hill country, mountainsides and waterfalls that are easily accessible. There are establishments that specifically cater to your needs to detach from the hustle and bustle of life, and that are built in the middle of the hill country, that you can stay in for the duration of your retreat. Even better – these hotels and resorts have yoga instructors working full time that can help you through your journey, every step of the way.

Most of the best places for a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka are situated in the hill country. There are many great benefits of yoga that you can enjoy unrestricted at a mountaintop, under the bright blue sky, in the invigorating wonder of the tropics. You can find healing for your physical and mental health, surround yourself with positive energy and good vibes, while prioritising your wellness and deepening your yoga practice. Getting as high in altitude as you can will not only help you to leave the material world behind, but it also inspires you to reach for the sky.

I’m interested. Any recommendations?

There are several resorts in Sri Lanka that specialize in yoga retreats, but Santani Sri Lanka has got to be the ideal place to engage in a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. This beautiful getaway destination specializes in providing wellness to its guests and is situated atop a striking hilltop in the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill country. Anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience should definitely stay at Santani for the duration of their retreat. Not only is Santani’s location in Northwest Kandy pristine and brilliantly suited for a quest in connecting with the spiritual self and nature, but it is also a site of excellent cuisine, scenery, service and relaxation.

The hotel has been named one of Time’s Greatest Places in the World and has been featured in Forbes, Vogue Australia and Conde Nast Traveler. It houses Sri Lanka’s largest tri-level spa and offers many calming activities to its guests. On top of that, it also promotes healthy eating, and provides guests the option of customizing their meals with the in-house chef, upon arrival.

In short, and if your goals for 2022 include deepening your yoga practice, then Santani Sri Lanka is the best place for you.

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