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This is the Best Island Destination Alternative to Maldives – Visit Sri Lanka

When you think of “island paradise”, one of two places may pop up: The Maldives or Sri Lanka. The Maldives has gained a reputation for its pristine beaches and its many islands that are ripe for exploration, and has rightly become a country that appears on many a traveler’s bucket list.

If, maybe, the Maldives aren’t in the cards for you, Sri Lanka is the next best thing. Why? The reasons are many. Read on to find out more about Sri Lanka and why it’s the best alternative to Maldives.

Into the thicket

this is the best island destination alternative to maldives visit sri lanka

To the traveler looking to experience the allure of a calming rainforest or the welcoming chill and crisp air of a mountaintop, Sri Lanka offers plenty of options in terms of locations. As an alternative to Maldives, Sri Lanka measures up quite well with internationally recognized best relaxing resorts littered across every site worth exploring. If you need a break from the beach, head over to the heart of the island and watch your surroundings be dominated by massive mountains full of luscious greenery, curious wildlife and clean, refreshing winds of change.

It’s a tropical destination!

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Much of what makes the Maldives great lies in the fact that it is a tropical country. The country’s climate is usually warm enough for a great tan, and it is quite great for your Instagram presence to vacation there. Sri Lanka is also a tropical country, which has its warmer and colder seasons – both of which are relatively warm for any travelers coming in from the West!

It’s got culture!

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Sri Lanka has centuries of rich history and culture on display at any part of the island – travelers are sure to be doused in the multi-ethnic glory of the pearl of the Indian Ocean and may even be able to partake in some cultural traditions! While adventure is definitely on the card for a tourist in Sri Lanka, so is a healthy dose of peace, calm and tranquility at spiritual and religion sites. There’s something there for everyone.

Beaches, beaches, beaches!

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While the Maldives grant you access to shallow waters and white sandy beaches, Sri Lanka provides you with several options. Because it’s one island with premium spots for ocean sports, you can find great beaches all along the coastline! Travelers can opt to frolic in the water and enjoy several water sporting activities at almost all of Sri Lanka’s beach destinations.

Among the many, Unawatuna Beach, Hiriketiya Beach, Talalla Beach, Nilaweli Beach, Arugam Bay Beach, Pasikudah Beach, Tangalle Beach and Arisimale Beach are exceptional as they offer travelers a picturesque view, a wonderful dose of vitamin D, an opportunity to engage in water sports such as diving and jet skiing while also being perfect for a casual stroll or lie-down. As an alternative to Maldives, Sri Lanka’s beaches are diverse enough to allow for various activities.

Some stretches of beaches are virtually untouched by civilization and can be quite an experience for travelers lucky enough to find a good spot! If you’re into deep-sea diving and marveling at the wonders of the sea, spots like Pigeon Island are tailor-made for you. Which beach you visit depends on which part of the island you’re in, and a 7-to-8-day trip would allow you to explore most of these locations with a fun, culture-filled commute in-between.

A unique paradise

Because of its geographic location, Sri Lanka is home to warm sun, cool winds and soothing rains all year round. A visit to Sri Lanka will guarantee a great time with its people, culture and its plethora of attractions. While its beaches are brilliant for that perfect picture or that one-time marine experience, its central province is also brilliant for a whole new experience of the tropics.

A traveler looking to dip their toes into more than just the waves of the ocean can find a holiday home at one of Sri Lanka’s best relaxing resorts. There are several top-notch resorts up for grabs, Santani Sri Lanka being one of them, which can offer you a vast array of amenities and attractions that are immersed within the island nation’s identity as a tropical paradise.

So, if you’re looking for the next best thing after the Maldives, Sri Lanka has to be your first stop.

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