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What to Expect at Your First Yoga Retreat Holiday to Santani

According to Medical News Today, Yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to have originated in India several centuries ago. This practical, popular across the world, involved movement, meditation and breathing techniques and is practiced to promote mental and physical well-being and achieve a stress-free state of mind.

Although the terminology of Yoga might be quite intimidating, it should not deter anyone from trying to reap the benefits this practice has to offer. Although this discipline might seem too complex at first sight, New York Times mentions that, “the beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body”. Nevertheless, there may be a multitude of questions in your mind about the right way to approach this practice or what is ideal for you. This is why attending a Yoga Retreat could be quite enlightening.

Yoga Retreat at Santani

Santani resort and spa is located in the cooling mountain ranges of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Acknowledged as one of the best wellness resorts in the world, Santani aims to revitalize and educate your mind so that you are able to incorporate healthy habits to sustain a greater mental, spiritual and physical well-being for years to come. All packages at Santani are customized in order to make sure that the guest will receive maximum benefit. Additionally Santani offers a personalized yoga retreat according to the guest’s needs and desires.

Santani’s personalized yoga retreat focuses on yoga in Sri Lanka and aims to enhance your well-being and daily life through the practice of yoga. This is a holistic development for the mind and body, and can be adapted according to your level of experience. The practitioners and Yoga instructors at Santani are professionally qualified, ensuring that you are in the care of experts of the trade. Santani offers traditional Hatha Yoga, which is a branch of yoga that generally involves breath, body and mind. However, other forms of yoga are also introduced by visiting practitioners to supplement hatha yoga.

The yoga retreat includes a personalized balancing strategy that is taught to optimize the benefits of yoga on your body and mind through supporting postures, meditation and breath work. To ensure that guests follow the techniques in a healthy manner, one-on-one coaching sessions are provided so that guests are given an opportunity to learn or improve their yoga poses, meditation techniques and yogic breathing. The morning and evening yoga sessions provide you with a feeling of relaxation of the mind and body.

However, a yoga retreat at Santani is not solely about the session of yoga you engage in per day. Although that is a significant component of the retreat, there are many other key features included in this package in order to enhance your total well-being. Prior to engaging in a yoga session, each guest is scheduled a consultation with the resident Ayurvedic doctor to design the perfect personalized program. Additionally, the meals plan is also customized according to each individual’s health needs and restrictions with the goal of rejuvenating the mind and body. And last but not least, spa treatments and massages are scheduled as a part of the package as it enhances the mind-body connection.

Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

One of the biggest benefits of attending a yoga retreat is that it is a perfect way to kick start your yoga journey. It will provide you with the motivation to keep going, equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools and you will be able to gauge the benefits of yoga on your mental and physical wellbeing. Additionally, there are many recognized scientific benefits of practicing yoga long term. According to Hopkins Medicine, yoga helps with back relief, improves strength, balance and flexibility, can ease arthritis symptoms, benefits heart health, helps manage stress, increases physical and mental energy and will relax you, helping you to sleep better.

Now that you know, what to expect from one of the best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka, are you going give a stay at Santani Resort and Spa a try?

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