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A Recap of the Reviews on TripAdvisor in April 2019

A stay at Santani is an opportunity to be ensconced in a community of wellness, enjoying appetising, healthy food, relaxing and revitalising activities and a chance to get closer to nature, as many of our guests commented this month.

Cony66 and Vinay K waxed poetic about the ‘delicious’ and ‘outstanding’ food, even saying it was on the level of Michelin star restaurants! Both also recommended the mountain cabin views, as well as their knowledgeable and obliging driver.

Charith, from Colombo, highlighted the holistic wellness concept that Santani promotes, commenting on the ‘highly positive and relaxing’ ‘ambience’ that makes us one of the best Ayurvedic resorts. Emphasizing the ‘healthy tasty menu’ Charith recommends a long stay, a suggestion that guest SpySeeBaba had already taken to heart as he spoke about his two week sojourn. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, this guest enjoyed 14 yoga and 20 meditation sessions at our yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. Individually thanking the staff responsible for ’24 to die for massage treatments’, the guest called the spa the ‘best I’ve experienced’, truly appreciative of the ‘bliss’ they enjoyed. Asaran from Denmark had a shorter stay, but promised to be back to ‘this special place on Earth’. Speaking of Santani’s minimalist luxurious philosophy, they said that they loved ‘the calm’ and ‘eco oriented approach’, as we believe in living in harmony with nature, and not with nature in subjection to us. Emma from London recognised the unique charm of Santani, calling it ‘one of the most striking hotels on the planet’, referring both to the spectacular architecture as well as the ‘polite and courteous’ staff. Though the resort is a special haven for those who appreciate wellness, even those new to Yoga are thoroughly welcome as evidenced by Emma’s husband, who enjoyed his first yoga session here. Adventure, as always, is just around the corner as the two had a dip in a river after a short hike. Santani truly has something for everyone who feels a deep connection to nature.

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