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A Recap of the Reviews on TripAdvisor in March 2019

Santani is not simply a hotel but an experience, a luxury wellness resort that is deeply connected to the nature surrounding it, running on the principles that mind and body should unite in harmony, thus promoting a holistic view of vitality and wellbeing.

One guest mentioned in their review that Santani might not be appreciated by those who were not necessarily interested in wellness, a category that the guest themselves fell into. However the guest noted that despite this, they enjoyed their stay particularly praising the food, ‘especially the Sri Lankan dinner’ as well as the perennially ‘amazing’ view. Another guest, Zoe, intuited that Santani is ‘simple, yet in-depth’, saying it was the catalyst in her journey of ‘inner-peace seeking and self-recognising’.

As a health retreat in Sri Lanka, Santani offers a lot of robust activities that she took part in including ‘yoga sessions, fine-dining, river walks’ and ‘hiking’ all leading to a wonderfully detoxing experience. Zoe even achieved new highs in her yoga activities, saying that she managed to master a pose that she could never do before with ease, calling the sessions ‘magical’. On her journey of self-discovery she found that with some guidance from the gurus at Santani, ‘all tensions were put aside’ and her ‘body responded to [her] will’. Finally, she sang the praises of the complete lack of ‘artificial sounds’ at Santani, replaced by the ‘soothing natural sounds’ that were peaceful and calming. From the sunny San Francisco, Alliste76 commended both the Sri Lankan and Western menus that made up the three meals each day, highlighting the ambience of the restaurant while the massages at Santani’s spa were praised as some of the best they had ever had. This harmonious combination of nature and inner wellbeing is what sets Santani apart.

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