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Top Reasons Why Sri Lanka is the New Destination for Luxury Wellness Resorts

The modern world we live in is hyper-connected and fast-paced, often leaving us feeling wrung out as our energy is expended in cycles of work. To help combat this, health and wellness resorts have sprung up around the world, looking to emphasize the importance of unplugging and slowing down as a way to build up our bodies both physically as well as mentally.

These retreats are more fulfilling than regular vacation spots as they focus on revitalising the body. A number of exclusive, luxury wellness resorts have emerged in the island of Sri Lanka, nestled in hidden parts of the country. A stay at any one of these resorts is an invigorating experience, as the Sri Lankan approach to wellness is fresh, moving guests to indulge in the beauty of nature. What is involved in the Sri Lankan philosophy of wellness?


Ayurveda plays a large role in wellness in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing that has been passed down from healer to healer and holds its place alongside western practices of medicine. The art deals very closely with nature in practice, using medicinal plants and herbs to improve one’s immune system. Ayurveda, coming from Sanskrit words that mean life and knowledge, is more than simply medicinal in nature however, as it places strong emphasis on wellness of the mind. A holistic practice, Ayurveda involves a healthy sustainable diet along with values of life that bring inner peace. The art also includes spa treatments such as stress-relieving massages and meditation sessions that helps guests feel revitalised. Many Sri Lankan resorts feature tailored programs that will allow a guest to experience Ayurvedic techniques that address their own specific needs.


Yoga is also promoted as a way of alleviating stress. Yoga uses strengthening physical movements such as slow stretches to improve flexibility and remove knots of discomfort in the body. Practicing yoga has many physical health benefits, and when practiced with mindfulness, Yoga makes one aware of the abilities and needs of one’s body. It is an art that is truly for everyone. Mindful breathing exercises combined with the slow, measured movements allow guests to relax and reach a state of tranquility.

Natural Beauty

The unspoiled, natural beauty of Sri Lanka refreshes the senses, helping guests become one with nature. Many retreats on the island are tucked away in hidden hollows, surrounded by deep foliage so that guests can feel restored just by breathing the crisp air around them. Others are by the peaceful waves of the sea. These amazing locations make for peaceful and refreshing backdrops for spa treatments along with physical and mental exercises. Guests can do yoga as the ocean breeze blows gently past them, or enjoy a massage as they overlook a beautiful green valley, reaching a state of harmony as their mind and body becomes synchronised with nature.

Sri Lanka is the place to go to explore wellness, as the island features many luxurious retreats that work with the beauty of the island and incorporate the ancient methods of Ayurveda and Yoga to give guests a wonderful, rejuvenating stay. So head over there now, and indulge in a truly restorative retreat!

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