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Benefits of Going on a Relaxing Vacation to Santani in 2022

Describing 2021 as a tough and overwhelming year might be an understatement. So as we approach 2022, most people are flipping through the calendar and crossing out days that could potentially be used for a holiday.

After managing to block out a few days for your vacation, the biggest and sometimes most stressful component of holiday planning is deciding where you want to spend this precious vacation. You don’t want to risk a completely different experience in case you end up not enjoying the vacation you have saved up for, but you also don’t want to stick to your comfort zone, because where is the fun in that? This is where we are going to help you! In this article, we have listed some of the benefits of spending your relaxing vacation at Santani Resort and Spa.

Santani Resort and Spa, located on the picturesque island of Sri Lanka, is considered to be one of the best luxury resorts in the island. This holiday destination could be an ideal spot for your vacation as it promises to rejuvenate your well-being during your stay. But let’s get more into the details of why this resort could be on top of your list as a go-to vacation resort.

A Nature Experience like No Other

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If you have come across the island of Sri Lanka as a tourist destination, you would know that one of the biggest attractions is the natural beauty and scenery. Whether it is tropical, sunny beaches with turquoise clear water or cooling mountain tops with awe striking views, this small nation has got it all. But what has this got to do with Santani? One of the best features about Santani is that unlike most other holiday resorts, Santani has embraced its beautiful surroundings and ensuring it doesn’t disrupt it in anyway it has incorporated this serenity in its design. Situated away from the concrete jungle, Santani is located in the central highlands of the nation in close proximity to a river, allowing the guests to be immersed in a rich experience of nature.

One of the biggest concerns most tourists have with visiting Sri Lanka is the hot climate that might cause discomfort during the holiday. But, because of the high altitude in which Santani is located it results in an ideal cooling climate. Surrounded by lush greenery, the atmosphere is described as anything but hot and stuffy and will provide a change in surrounding that you are usually familiar with and might be just what your body and mind need this holiday. Additionally, the unique location provides guests with amazing hiking and trekking opportunities along the river or in the mountains. There are many trails that you could go on that would compel you to pause and marvel at the natural beauty and magnificent landscape that surrounds you. It is definitely better than the pictures. But if a hike is not what you are looking for during your holiday, you can still enjoy your nature experience by taking a leisurely stroll within the 48 acres of a former lush tea estate or even wake up early morning for some bird watching to witness some of the endemic birds of Sri Lanka. Whether you would like your experience to be adrenaline filled or have the vibe of a lazy Sunday morning, Santani, with its close relationship to nature, could be the ideal place for you.

A Rich Culinary Cuisine

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Fine Gourmet Meals at Santani Wellness Resort

A vacation seems to be the cheat period for most people when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle. When people visit hotels they are tempted by the variety of chocolate options for dessert, the deep fried bacon and chicken and the unhealthy amount of butter and cheese on dishes. All the hard work and sacrifices you have made throughout the year could be erased by your holiday meals. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, but sometimes you go back home from your holiday feeling not quite right because of the quantity and quality of the food you have consumed. But what if your holiday could have delicious food that is also healthy? What if it satisfies your cravings but also leaves you feeling energized and nourished even after you get back home?

The restaurant at Santani Resort and Spa aims to provide this experience. With organic produce mostly gathered from the garden, each dish comprises of fresh foods incorporating the six Ayurvedic tastes in the diet. The diet is especially designed to cleanse the body of any impurities and aims to encourage energy, elevate the mood, increase metabolism and calm the mind. This assures you that you will not go back to your room after a meal feeling unhealthy and lazy but feel replenished and rejuvenated because of the nutrients that you consume. Additionally each dish is carefully and intricately prepared by world-renowned chefs, resulting in Michelin star worthy dishes, disputing the myth that healthy dishes cannot be tasty. Santani offers a mouthwatering culinary experience that doesn’t only seek to satisfy what you want but also what you need. Santani’s philosophy of long term wellness is realized even in the meal plan as the food is catered according to each person’s health and suggestions to continue such a healthy diet is given when you leave the resort.

Rejuvenation of Your Total Wellbeing

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Santani Recovery Treatment Package at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

The biggest and best reason one should visit Santani is because it is recognized as one of the best wellness resorts in the world. And even if you are not seeking to commit to a particular wellness journey, visiting such a wellness destination for a holiday would prove to be highly beneficial for your holiday as you are assured a relaxing time. Everything around you is designed in a manner that facilitates a calming experience. For example the architecture and the interior of the resort is designed in a eco-friendly and minimalistic manner, in harmony with nature, ensuring that you are not distracted by anything but are able to experience the healing effects of nature in an optimal manner. Santani also has a pristine pool and an incredible spa with the first ever comprehensive hydrotherapy facilities in the country, manned by internationally qualified therapists that could be the key to your relaxing holiday.

And if you are looking to actually kick start your wellness journey, it is a no-brainer that Santani would be a great holiday destination to do so. Offering a range of packages such as yoga, detox, de-addiction, weight loss and Ayurveda, guests are given an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind experience that will rejuvenate their total wellbeing.

So if you have got some money saved up and are looking for a place to have a relaxing vacation in 2022, Santani Resort and Spa is a spot you definitely should check out!

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