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Take a Much Needed Break at Sri Lanka’s Best Wellness Retreat

Are you on the lookout for a relaxing vacation from the busy and stressed lifestyle you lead? Or maybe you are tired of the same old routines and are hoping to spice things up by getting away from the monotony of life? Or you’ve been pouring yourself into work for so long that you are in search of a much-deserved break! Well, we’ve got the perfect place for you.

A wellness retreat in Sri Lanka would do the trick.

What Could One Expect from a Wellness Retreat in Sri Lanka?

Such a wellness retreat would cater to your holistic well-being. This means that your entire stay is curated to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. From the location to the design that soothes the mind, the mouthwatering food that is prepared with fresh ingredients from the garden, wellness facilities such as the spa and steam room and extra-curricular activities that allow you to explore the surrounding area, it is guaranteed that a stay at such a wellness retreat will be just what you need. Additionally, your stay will be customized according to your preferences and needs. Whether it’s the meal plan or wellness program, each person is given a personalized experience according to their personal preferences as well as health goals. A vacation at such a wellness retreat in Sri Lanka would not be your ordinary holiday, but rather a relaxing time in addition to investing in improving your total wellbeing and benefiting in the long run. Santani Resort and Spa would be an ideal spot for this.

Santani Resort and Spa

Santani is one of Sri Lanka’s best wellness destinations and is assured to provide each guest with quality care and an unforgettable and rejuvenating stay. Located on 48 acres of lush greenery on the former Aratenna Tea Estate, the cooling climate and picturesque views make for an ideal spot for a wellness stay. The drive from Colombo might take just over 4 hours, but it is situated just 32 kilometres, which is about an hour’s drive, from the culturally and religiously significant city of Kandy. One of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka, Kandy embodies the natural beauty in its landscapes and beautiful waterfalls and the history of this nation through the Temple of the tooth relic as well as the Kandy Perahera. Placed in such close proximity to a prime location, allows guests to learn more about another country while they enjoy their relaxing getaway.

What does Santani offer?

Santani combines the latest innovation in health science from around the world with the effective treatment of Ayurveda to create one of the best wellness resorts. The incorporation of Ayurveda allows guests to treat specific health conditions through this historic and holistic medical system. Santani has two wellness packages that have been based on Ayurveda; Santani Recovery which aims to support those who have undergone emotional or physical trauma to regain a healthier life and Personal Dosha Ayurveda Retreat which intends to treat specific health conditions or allow you to experience the overall benefits of Ayurveda.

Additionally, Santani takes a lifestyle approach to wellness as they aim to pamper your body in a revitalizing environment and utilize extensive therapeutic amenities. One such mode is through their very own destination spa which is Sri Lanka’s first fully-fledged spa with comprehensive hydrotherapy facilities! Santani has a tri-level spa that has been thoughtfully designed with holistic wellness in mind with the hydrotherapy level which warms your body before treatment with the use of a steam room, a cedar wood sauna and an open-air thermal salt soak pool.

This resort also offers various excursions that would help you immerse yourself deeper in nature and enjoy this unique experience so much more. There are scenic walks you could take either along the river or on the Werapitiya hanging bridge. You could visit the Galmaduwa craft village, take a swim at the Kukul Oya waterfalls or even go bird watching and enjoy spotting birds that are endemic to Sri Lanka. There are many other hikes and tours that you could take part in as well while you stay at this beautiful wellness retreat in Sri Lanka.

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