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Santani Success Stories : The Luxury of Sleeping Well

Plenty has been shared by other guests on the astonishing view and outstanding service. This review is all about my personal sleep improvement at Santani. Spoiler alert – it is too good to be true.
Sleeping score on 28/29 April in Paris
Sleeping score on 12/13 May at Santani

Living in Paris – even on those relaxing days, my sleep is poor. My asleep time barely exceeds 5 hours, with an average 8 min of snoring, and overall sleep quality scoring consistently below 65%.

So, imagine the shock, when I woke up this morning, seeing my sleeping score reaching 100% for the very first time, after the 98% from the day before. The snoring time reduced to 0 and the asleep time exceeded 7 hours.

It’s not just the data that’s telling the improvement. My eyes are less puffy. My mind is sharper. My desire for guilty pleasures decreased. I am reacquainted with the morning freshness that I haven’t felt – even after long periods of sleep – for the first time in a while.

The river walks, the Shirodhara treatment, the thought-through food, the tranquil magic and serenity in mind – thank you Santani and the team for the masterfully orchestrated path to the luxury of a good night’s sleep.”

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