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Santani: Making Its Way to Time’s Greatest Places 2018

Santani may not be a household name yet but it is on its way after being named one of the “World’s Greatest Places in 2018” by Time magazine.

The only property/place to be so honoured from Sri Lanka, Santani earned a place in this ubiquitous publication for being a luxury Ayurveda resort that offers something different from the norm.

As Casey Quackenbush of Time writes, Santani, “help[s] you disconnect. There are no televisions (really) and no wi-fi included (guests can pay extra if they find they can’t live without it), but there is a tri-level spa with a sauna overlooking paddy fields, open-air salt soak pool and wellness packages fusing Ayurveda, yoga and meditation.”

Casey Quackenbush – Times Magazine

Quackenbush has captured in a nutshell what Santani stands for. It has always been the aim of Mr. Vickum Nawagamuwage and his colleagues to show guests a side of wellness and mindful living that they don’t usually see; the traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic disciplines have, for thousands of years, been promoting the lifestyle that has only recently gripped the world. All its ancient wisdom has been distilled into Santani’s packages, lovingly overseen by the resident Ayurvedic practitioner, alongside a yoga instructor and a fantastic chef.

Together, these 3 departments ensure that all guests leave having felt their lives shift and change for the better. What’s more, Santani is always ready to offer advice and support beyond their gates to any of the guests looking to adopt a more mindful lifestyle or to those looking to learn more about a way of life that has been practiced on this island for thousands of years.

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