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A Recap of the Reviews on TripAdvisor in September 2018

It’s not easy to get good reviews anymore; people are more perceptive, informed and careful about the service they receive. They are also less willing to keep their gripes to themselves. Thanks to the various online platforms that allow patrons to review hotels & resorts, they will list out, in detail, anything and everything that was bad with the service they received.

Luckily for us, our guests seem to have no such problem. If anything, they gush about the food, the accommodation and the wonderful surroundings.

Kerri B. of the UK maintains that Santani is, “Simply outstanding in every way.” She was very complimentary about the food, pointing out that the beef “has got to be the best [sic] I’ve tasted” and how the chef always consulted the guests each morning to personalize their meals, thus giving them the best experience they could possibly get. Almost all the ingredients are sourced locally and brought fresh daily. No doubt, this is what made those dishes mouthwatering and delectable.

Osamanamih from Israel came to this tropical island for his honeymoon. He chose well with Santani, calling it a “piece of heaven” and gushing about the view, the location and the service. Most of all however, he loved the spa which is “literally out of this world, you get to do the massage in an open space, with nothing but nature’s voices.” This is one of the defining features of Santani, where the healing component of your stay is done as close to Mother Nature as possible, thus reconnecting you to the primal energies.

Another visitor who loved the food was Kate W. of Australia who strongly recommends the traditional Sri Lankan “green porridge” made of rice and herbs. She too found Santani a wonderful place to relax and heal, commenting on the friendly vibe and ambience of the restaurant. As a female solo traveller, she was thrilled to find how ‘happy’ and secure the common areas of the resort seemed. The staff was always ready to help, she says and recommends it to anyone interested.

But don’t take their word for it. Come see for yourself! We at Santani are ever ready to welcome you to our humble abode and set you up in a room overlooking a misty valley or verdant garden, with birdcall waking you in the morning and the chirruping of insects lulling you to sleep at night.

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