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A Recap of the Reviews on TripAdvisor in October 2018

October saw a lot of rainfall and cloudy skies but that didn’t deter the determined guests who enjoyed Santani, the luxury Ayurveda health retreat, at its monsoon best.

Sagar VS of India, “always thought rains ruined holidays” but found that, at Santani, “the rains added to the beauty of the place.” He goes on to describe the clouds that were so low that he could see them outside his window. This is a frequent occurrence during the rainy season as Santani is perched on a mountain side overlooking a valley. The cloud forest nearby makes for fantastic viewing.

Kshah83 from London made special mention of how perfect Santani is for relaxation and for team building, the remoteness of the location and the group yoga sessions serving to bond teams and groups even closer together. She recommends using the hotel transportation service as the hotel is a little bit hard to find, but of course, it is the remote location that gives Santani its charm.

Finally, all the way from Switzerland is quetzal645 who gushed about the, “friendly and helpful staff”, the “excellent service” and the “delicious meals.” In fact, every guest who stay at Santani mention the food which is a testament to the skill and talent of our resident chef de excellence.

But don’t take their word for it. Come see for yourself! We at Santani are ever ready to welcome you to our perch on the mountain, overlooking the Dumbara valley full of cotton-candy clouds and drenched in monsoonal rainstorms that break overhead with all the passion of the tropics. You’ll feel the heat on your skin, taste the mist on your lips and drink long of the coconut water that nourishes the island.

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