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Santani Helps Guests Discover “True Wellness”

Guests arriving at Santani Wellness Retreat & Spa in Kandy, Sri Lanka are welcomed with a beaming smile and gently encouraged to leave their vehicle (and stress) behind, to walk down a rutted path to the main building. The detoxification of stress, toxins and digital distractions thus begins immediately.

Guests then go through a discreet but thorough interview with the manager that analyses their health needs, lifestyle & food preferences. As a leading wellness retreat in the country, Santani is all about providing sustainable care to its guests. This is just one of the features that make Santani a unique wellness care provider.

“Any two people coming on the same package will have two different protocols based on their needs,” says Mr. Vickum Nawagamuwage, director of Santani. The analysis will determine whether they belong to vatta, pitta, or kappha Ayurvedic body types. Afterwards, the chef will design a personalized menu that aids in the treatments as well as conforming to the Rasa Haya or Six Tastes food philosophy – this is to ensure a diverse diet with every imaginable nutrient in it.

“We are beyond just a “fad” and we use a scientific and logical approach to wellness that is based on today’s science,” he adds.

This statement is borne out by Santani’s extensive research into guests’ lifestyle; no treatments are recommended if the guests cannot sustain it outside of the idyllic resort.

“Sudden changes in lifestyle can create more stress in our systems and can be more harmful than beneficial.[…] Through the lifestyle analysis we understand where they are coming from and their goals and what they can practically do on a day to day basis. We then combine the results of the body type analysis with this to create personalised treatments.”

Santani is thus perfectly poised to provide the best treatments guests can hope for. For those not interested in its Ayurvedic treatments, there are also hiking trails and bird watching to pass the time.

Santani is located in Arantenna Estate, Werapitiya, Kandy, about an hour and 30 min. drive from the heart of Kandy town. Call (+94) 81 222 8000 for the resort and (+94) 11 255 9755 for reservations.

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