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Santani – A Different Kind of Wellness

Wellness retreats are a pound a penny now, or a “fad” as Director of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Mr. Vickum Nawagamuwage, says. Santani prides itself on being one of the few resorts in Sri Lanka that offers a different experience to its guests.

Santani offers yoga, meditation, detoxing and cleansing (originating from Ayurveda) as primary tools in today’s wellness arena, but it doesn’t stop there. An interview with the manager pre-check-in ensures that your diet matches the treatments outlined, plus – and this is what sets Santani apart – guests will be questioned thoroughly about their lifestyle back home in order to figure out how they can integrate these treatments into their hectic lives when they return. As the director points out:

“Santani guests are life-long guests, given the focus on sustainable lifestyle change we advocate. We have an exit consultation as well and we provide formal guidance on post Santani lifestyle management to our guests. Also, the guests can reach out to us anytime to clarify and get advice on anything related to wellness after a stay at Santani.”

He goes on to show that at Santani, there may be short term benefits like “shedding a few pounds” and “feeling good,” but the focus is always on long-term benefits like curing addiction, managing hypertension, cardiovascular issues etc. Ultimately, “Santani believes that wellness is about preventative healthcare and anti aging” as all of the deadliest non-communicable diseases today are degenerative diseases that can be managed and even cured with the proper care and lifestyle changes. This will lead to better overall quality of life in a sustainable way.

Thus, Santani has managed to become trend-setters in their own way, advocating for impactful and truly meaningful treatments that are sustainable for the guests amid their busy lives. This is indeed one of the things that keep guests coming back for more.

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