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Benefits of Santani’s Weight Loss Retreat Program

It’s the age-old problem. We want to lose weight and get our body into this ideal shape we have in our minds. And there is nothing wrong with that. Research has shown how important it is to maintain healthy body weight and how that will affect your emotional and mental health as well as other health conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol.

Setting a target for ourselves and working on it to achieve it can also be extremely rewarding and encouraging. Many people engage in workout sessions as it leads to experiencing endorphins which makes them feel good and less stressed. But if you are serious about weight loss and you want to invest time and energy in such a program we have got a great weight loss retreat for adults that will help you achieve your goals.

Why can’t you do it alone?

Sometimes when the regime and plan are set by yourself and is going to be monitored by yourself, motivation to keep this going in a healthy and sustainable manner might be lacking. Skipping a few days or picking and choosing components based on what you want to do instead of what might be best for you might also be a temptation. It’s always helpful to have someone pushing you and checking up on you to ensure that you are sticking to your plan and providing you with that motivation.

Additionally, when it comes to weight loss, it is very easy to overwork our body because we have set our minds on what we want our body to look like. This is not the healthiest way to go about it as it might negatively affect our bodies if we work too hard to achieve this goal. Getting a professional’s perspective and assistance will help us look at the long term picture and not overwork our body. This is also recommended because each body is different and should be treated differently. Therefore following a generic plan taken from the internet may cause more harm than good.

About Santani Resort

Santani is a wellness resort and spa that offers a range of wellness packages to give you an opportunity to regain your total wellbeing. Santani is located in the hills of the picturesque island of Sri Lanka and is known to be one of the best wellness retreats in Asia. Santani prioritizes the needs and preferences of each guest, customizing each package according to each guest’s best interest based on a one on one consultation upon arrival. Santani couples traditional Ayurveda treatments with western medicine to provide you with holistic treatment while also offering services such as sauna, group yoga sessions and nutritious meal. So if you are looking for a luxury holiday that will also help you focus on your total wellbeing and care for your health, Santani resort and spa is highly recommended.

About this package

Santani has many packages that focus on the specific needs of guests. The Santani weight loss program, as the name suggests focuses mainly on a safe and effective method to lose weight. Strenuous exercise routines, hard dietary restrictions and rigorous mental discipline that is too hard to keep up are avoided in this weight loss program in order to make it more sustainable. Santani solves one of the biggest problems we may have with following a weight loss program by replacing these aspects with exercises that are easily integrated into your life habits so that you will be able to continue this program even after you leave Santani. The aim of this package is to gain control of your weight management through a systematic approach based on Ayurveda, detox therapies, movements, yoga, diet and meditation. This program will also enhance your confidence and overall body toning by improving your metabolism.

What this includes

Like all packages, this package also includes a wellness consultation upon arrival, departure and an ongoing progress check including body type analysis and setting of lifestyle goals by the in-house doctor. A personalized diet plan that induces fat burning and herbal medication to correct the imbalance and increase metabolism is included. Guests are also given the opportunity to join hatha yoga practice group sessions and use the thermal saltwater bath, steam and sauna. Santani also offers lifestyle discussions and healthy living guidance to guests to help them understand what can be needed for their body and how best to continue this program. This package also includes guided walks and hikes, meditation sessions, pranayama sessions, personal yoga sessions, cleansing procedures and Ayurveda and international therapy sessions. Santani’s weight loss program gives you an opportunity to lose weight in a healthy, holistic and sustainable manner ensuring that the steps taken are the best for your body to give you an improved metabolism and help you gain control of your weight management. So make sure that if you are hoping to lose weight, it is a healthy and sustainable method to do so.

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