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The Stress Management Retreat Program at Santani

In recent times there has been a huge push towards mental health awareness and understanding the causes and effects of stress. If we may, there has been a lot of ‘stress’ on stress. And rightly so. COVID-19 has been one of the topmost causes of stress in the last two years.

From shifting our entire life to an online space, not being able to meet friends and family to living in a state of fear for the safety of our loved ones. Since the beginning of the pandemic, most of our lives have been extremely stressful.

But there have been many methods of management that have been introduced to help us handle stress better. Santani Resort & Spa even has an entire wellness package dedicated to stress management. This article has everything you need to know about the stress management retreat at Santani. But before we dive into what this package is about and what it includes, let’s discuss what stress actually means or looks like.

Symptoms of Stress

Even though the concept of stress is not alien to most of us and is a part of our vocabulary, how aware are we really of all the symptoms of stress. Being aware of these different symptoms will help us understand ourselves better. Symptoms of stress can be physical, behavioral, cognitive or even emotional. Some physical symptoms include headaches, muscle pains, chest pain, insomnia, lack of sexual desire and even frequent colds and infections. So although medication may help with all these symptoms, it doesn’t address the root issue of these illnesses. Stress could also lead to behavioral changes such as increased use of alcohol/drugs, exhibiting more nervous behaviors such as nail biting, fidgeting and pacing or changes in appetite, whether it is not eating or eating too much. Stress affects our cognitive functions as well as most people are constantly worried, have racing thoughts, aren’t able to focus, are pessimistic and are forgetful when they are stressed. Our emotional side is also affected by stress as we are easily agitated and frustrated, have low self-esteem, feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to relax and quieten your mind.

Why You Should Get Help

You may have been able to relate to a lot of the symptoms mentioned above and you may have not even realized that some were caused due to stress. But fortunately for us, there are plenty of methods and resources that can help us have a better grasp of our stress. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to people who are more knowledgeable and qualified in this area to help you with these symptoms. Similarly to getting help from a doctor if you have a cough or a broken toe, there are many places that are focused on helping you manage your stress better. You may be thinking ‘but my symptoms are not that bad, there are others who are more stressed than I am’. Even though that may be true, it doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from receiving help. Even though people have much worse fractures and critical infections, we still go to the doctors to receive treatment for a cough right? So getting help to handle your stress will equip you in tackling the things that stress you out so that you can lead a life with better quality.

What is Santani Resort and What is this Package?

Santani wellness resort and Spa is situated in a picturesque location in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. This eco-friendly resort aims to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in a sustainable manner. Santani has many wellness packages that aim to help guests with various conditions such as weight loss, dealing with addiction, sleep problems etc. One such package that has been designed is a retreat that will help guests manage their stress better. This package is designed through individual consultation that will take your work patterns, daily routines and key stresses into consideration when thinking of a remedy that can be adapted. For optimal result, this program runs for 7 to 14 days and will help you manage your stress in a sustainable manner so that even after you go back to stress inducing contexts, you will be able to manage it a lot better.

What does it Include?

The package includes personal wellness consultation upon arrival, departure and check up through the course of stay with the doctor so that you are able to set lifestyle goals and evaluate your progress. A personalized diet plan that aims to bring the body and mind back to the natural rhythm is also included. Herbal tea and medication is provided to improve sleep. Hatha yoga practice in group sessions lifestyle discussions and mindful living guidance are offered to help develop mindfulness. You are also given access to daily use of the thermal saltwater bath, steam and sauna rooms.

Santani believes that it is important for there to be a fine mix of yoga asanas, pranayama Ayurveda therapies, meditation and nature immersions for this package to benefit the guest. Therefore this package also includes therapy sessions, cleansing procedures, personal yoga sessions, pranayama sessions, meditation sessions and guided nature walks with a naturalist.

So if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in one of the top tourist destinations in the world while trying to learn how to manage your stress better and eradicate symptoms, Santani wellness resort has the perfect package for you.

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