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5 Ways to Naturally De-stress

Are you feeling extremely overwhelmed and in need of a break? Do you wish that all the stress you are feeling right now could be lifted in a moment? Whether its work, family, finances, health or a combination of all these things, life can be quite a lot to handle sometimes.

Taking frequent breaks from all things draining and tiring is very important. But it is not enough that you do look into ways to reduce your stress levels because how you do so is also of utmost importance. Taking medication (unless clinically prescribed) may cause side effects and lead to further complications. Therefore it is important to make sure you have natural methods to calm down and de-stress.

Even though we may not be able to help you with your workload or solve any other personal issues for you, we can definitely suggest ways in which you can naturally de-stress yourself.

Meditation retreat

Santani Resort and Spa offers a great program that gives you the opportunity to harmonize your mind-body connection. The aim of such retreats is to help practitioners gain a higher conscious, new perspective and be able to connect with nature. This meditation retreat includes Pranayama sessions, therapy, personal yoga, cleansing procedures and so much more. The goals of a meditation retreat will help you connect to yourself using all the natural resources that are available around you. From the food ingredients to the Ayurvedic treatments at the spa, everything you will be exposed to will be natural! Besides nothing can get more ‘natural’ than connecting with nature!

Prayer and meditation

It’s no secret that humans are spiritual beings. The extent of it and how people express and practice this spirituality will differ from person to person. But the benefits of spending some time developing this aspect of your life is crucial to your total wellbeing. Allocate some time each day, to pray and engage with the holy texts. If you don’t seem comfortable with this, use that time to practice meditation or yoga. All of these practices are said to result in feeling peace and cultivating mindfulness as you are called to pause and reflect on your life.


This sounds kind of absurd right? But almost all the time, breathing is a subconscious act for all of us. But similar to when we have physically exerted ourselves, our breathing gets much quicker and we sometimes run out of breath, sometimes emotional and stressful situations can result in a similar scenario. But it might not be as obvious as to how you feel after a long run. So it is important, if you are feeling stressed, to take a couple of minutes to be intentional about your breathing. Slowing down the pace at which you inhale and exhale will help slow down your entire system helping with the rush of stress.

Engage in a physical activity

This is another great way to relieve your stress. Being physically active is generally associated with helping reduce stress. This is mainly because when you engage in something physical, like going for a run, the amount of blood pumped to your brain increases, which improves your general mood and stress levels. And if you don’t like going on runs, that’s okay. Do something you generally enjoy, whether it’s skipping, walking, swimming, exercising or even dancing. Plus, channelling all that stress into this will be a great outlet.

Spend time on your hobby

When was the last time you actually spent some time drawing, singing, writing, cooking, or whatever your hobby is, for fun? Spending time doing what you enjoy with no other motivation but to solely engage in that activity can boost your mood and be quite therapeutic. But if you are unsure what this hobby might be, because it has been so long since you had some free time to do anything, feel free to experiment! You can get one of the many adult coloring books that can get you started, pick up an instrument and give it a go, try out knitting if you have always been interested in it or borrow your friend’s favourite book and see how you like it! Spend some time engaging in what you like for fun.

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