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5 Tips to Prepare Your Daily Wellness Diet at Home

A healthy lifestyle and starting and maintaining a wellness routine has become more popular and important than before. Since the pandemic, many people’s eating habits has taken a hit, either as a coping mechanism, to break the monotony or even being too lazy to cook nutritious meals.

However, eating habits is something that can be quite easily changed. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your daily wellness meals at home!

Start simple

Starting a healthy diet, similar to starting any challenging habit, takes a lot of work, discipline and consistency. This can be very off putting and discouraging. However one of the key things to remember is to always start off by preparing simple meals. The meals prepared at health and wellness retreats might look extremely appetizing and the type of meals you would want to consume on a daily basis, but preparing those meals might be extremely difficult and add to the difficulty of continuing this habit. So keep those meals as your end goal, but start your diet with something that is not complicated to prepare and quite simple to execute.

Start with what you like

The mention of the words ‘healthy diet’ might make a lot of people shrink away from this habit. And that is because healthy, for some reason, seems to be associated with all the vegetables that we don’t like. But, I’m sure there are quite a lot of ingredients you love that are considered healthy if you look into it. Avocado, eggs and nuts are all healthy ingredients that can be used to prepare your wellness meal. Look up a few sites and start with ingredients you have already been eating and you like to eat, to make the transition into a wellness meal plan a lot easier for you to develop.

Have a plan

Planning your meals for a couple of days or a week could really be helpful for you to prepare your wellness meals. Intentionally prepping for different meals to ensure that you don’t get fed up by a particular meal is essential for this habit to work. Also take into consideration your work, studies, family and other commitments into account when thinking about preparing meals. Make sure you don’t slot in meals that take a lot of prep time or meals you may not enjoy as much on days you are really busy because that might increase your temptation of ordering junk food from out. Additionally when planning your meals think about your expenses and budget as well, and allocate ingredients accordingly.

Avoid buying unhealthy ingredients

When you do your regular grocery shopping, it is almost impossible to stay away from the chocolates aisle or the snacks aisle. But the battle against temptation is won in the grocery store. If you stock your pantry with snacks and ingredients that are healthy, the chances are that you will get into a routine of wanting to eat only healthy meals. Even if you live with others who aren’t following your wellness diet plan, talk to them and work out a system where you aren’t aware of the food that they might be buying that isn’t part of your plan. Whether you like it or not, the fact that your housemate has a big bar of chocolates that you can’t have will make it seem tastier than usual.

Be realistic

Having a plan, a schedule for your meals and a motivated mindset is great, but at the outset remember to be realistic. Do not set the bar extremely high that it becomes easy to miss the mark and become disappointed with your progress. Account for cheat days as well. Especially if eating healthy is new to you, you might want to schedule in days that you do order from out or eat that dessert you have been craving. You can gradually reduce the frequency of these cheat days as you progress, but plan for the days you won’t be able to stick to your goal. Also plan for the days that you may go out with friends or become too busy to actually make a healthy meal. Plan for it not so that you have an excuse to do it, but rather so that if it happens you won’t be discouraged to continue.

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