Dining at Kirana is an experience unto itself. Taking from the iconic Santani concept of intelligent eating, our meals are based on the Ayurveda philosophy of ‘Rasa Haya’, meaning six tastes. This unique concept is centred on taste-based nutrition and ensures your body receives nutrition based on its needs, bringing your body into a perfect state of balance.

Our menus also focus on the freshest of ingredients and whether it is a spread of Sri Lankan food, varied tastes of Asia or contemporary international cuisine that you crave, our talented and friendly chef is always happy to curate a meal that takes you on an adventure in our open-plan dining area.

We also offer our signature dining experience where guests can indulge in a delectable BBQ right on the Bentota beach, where all you can hear are the crashing waves, and all you can see is the starry night sky.

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