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The New Normal at Santani Resort and Spa

We are back! As of July 1st, we at Santani Resort and Spa reopened our doors and are excited to welcome you all back into our luxuriously comfortable safe haven.

We have been closed for the past three and a half months due to the unprecedented and troublesome state of the world. We understand if you are hesitant or unenthusiastic as it is a time of uncertainty, however, we assure you that we have been preparing to follow the health and safety regulations in order to ensure that while we provide you with the experience you deserve we also act as responsible citizens.

Sri Lanka’s Response

Even though a low fatality rate and a high recovery rate may not be expected from a developing country like Sri Lanka, our nation has been quite successful in curbing the spread of this disease. Due to the implementation of measures such as a strict lockdown and island-wide curfews as well as free healthcare, Sri Lanka has flattened the curve and prevented a national disaster from unfolding. With a recovery rate of 80.5% and a fatality rate of 0.4%, Sri Lanka sits comfortably at a much higher position than the Global average.

Santani’s Response

Our team responded quite fast to this unpredictable situation, closing the resort to guest operations and ensuring that the staff were safe, healthy and looked after. The team engaged in a full cleaning and disinfection of the resort under the guidance of the public health inspector. Santani also received a certificate by the Ministry of Health which declared it as a safe zone.

Santani during Lockdown

Lockdown may have meant ‘the lazy period’ for some, but for our hardworking team, it was a hands-on time to make our resort even better. Guests will notice that our greenhouse facility has been extended. But that won’t be the only change as a new farm of 6 acres of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs have been established. Additionally, refurbishment of the whole resort was carried out ensuring that when you return you will be greeted with a new look. Most importantly our two resident doctors conducted workshops on post-COVID operating procedures equipping the staff with the tools and skills needed for the foreseeable future.

Santani’s New Normal

The first step we took was to make sure that our staff was trained and a comprehensive operating procedure was developed and implemented. Under the guidance of our two resident doctors and in line with the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority guidelines measures were taken to cover every service and aspect. This includes protocols such as physical distancing, wearing face masks and hand sanitizing as well as specific protocols for each function such as valid health documents, follow up emails, disinfection of equipment and surfaces etc. As Santani is primarily a wellness resort focusing on relieving stress, we have introduced a new package that is specifically designed for post COVID travel. This package will focus on boosting your immune system for the long run and your stay with us will be under the care of therapists and resident doctors. Additionally, we have enhanced our already healthy food to include immune-boosting ingredients to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

We at Santani are taking every measure we can to ensure that we are creating a safe and healthy atmosphere for you to enjoy. All the measures we have taken have been approved by health officials and we have followed the necessary guidelines and regulations. Therefore there is no reason for you to worry. We have taken care of it all. So if you were looking for a getaway to be rejuvenated, Santani has got you covered.

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