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Santani: The Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaway in Sri Lanka

Are you and your partner looking to relax, have an adventure and heal together, all in one place? If you answered “yes”, your best choice is Santani Sri Lanka.

Peeking out from the edge of the now-abandoned Aratenna Tea Estate and bordering the formidable Hulu river, Santani is perfectly placed for your next vacation stay. Hidden among the misty mountains, the resort is world-class excellence in the form of its unique architecture, fantastic cuisine and close proximity to nature. One of Time Magazine’s “Greatest Places in the World” and one of Conde Nast’s “Best New Hotels in the World”, the experience that awaits you at Santani cannot be oversold. A truly private, breathtaking experience outside of the daily hustles and bustles of life, Santani Sri Lanka is one of the best honeymoon resorts in Sri Lanka.

What can a couple looking to enjoy themselves and each other, expect from Santani? Read on to find out.

Sleep Above the Clouds

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View from Mountain View Chalet at Santani Sri Lanka

Our mountain view chalets are the ideal location for sweet honeymoon memories complete with the irresistible allure of mother nature’s most comforting offerings to enhance your experience as part of an environment seldom enjoyed in the city. Approximately 500 sq. ft. in size, a mountain view chalet is your secluded escape from the rest of the world; a chalet includes a private balcony overlooking the vast expanse of the hilltops, minimalist interiors, a king or twin beds and is its own building. Sleep in and be woken by the gentle caress of the soothing morning sun, as the natural winds flow through your room and rejuvenate you as you prepare yourself for a restful day.

Dive in to Delectable Cuisine

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Panoramic view from our elevated restaurant

Sitting at a dining table, gazing into the eyes of the person you love the most is an essential aspect of a couple’s vacation. Here at Santani, the process is made simpler and more enjoyable with our approach to fine dining.

Our Michelin worthy healthy gourmet meals, prepared with care and personalized for your needs, are curated based on the “rasa haya” or “six tastes” concept, which seeks to balance out the six major taste categories throughout the day’s meals. This intelligent concept of eating takes care of your cravings for you. No need to stress about your meals, because our bespoke menu is already tailor-made to fit your desires! Our chef will speak to you in order to understand your meal necessities and all you need to do is show up for a fantastic meal.

Retreat, Relax, Rejuvenate

romantic 0002
Spa facilities at Santani Resort

Santani is an ideal honeymoon resort in Sri Lanka because it is the only place you need to be in order to experience a spiritual awakening, the bliss of calmness and holistic refreshment all at once. Our many amenities on offer will elevate the magic of the mountains and be just what you needed.

Just an hour’s drive away from Kandy town, Santani is the premier destination for wellness retreats that provides guests the option to seize their own wellness with both hands to immerse themselves in its healing powers.

Our tri-level spa, the largest in Sri Lanka and noted among the best spas in the world by Tatler, is equipped with a complete package of hydrotherapy facilities. Santani invites you to explore the rejuvenation that Sri Lanka’s deep-rooted Ayurvedic practices combined with the latest innovations in wellness, can provide you. Couples seeking relaxation and rest can sign on for any of our personalized wellness packages or partake in one or two treatments.

We also offer you the quintessential resort experience – lounging by an infinity pool that overlooks the Knuckles Mountain range, with a cocktail in one hand and the love of your life by your side is a longstanding favorite pastime that could soon be yours. The water is cool and seemingly stretches to the ends of the earth, the temperature is just right to deliver an overwhelming sense of calm and peace.

Explore Together

romantic 0003
Explore Narampanawa Hanging Bridge

Embrace your adventurous side by venturing into the thicket of the rainforest to encounter hidden waterfalls and make the trek to witness the quiet hum of mother nature’s most formidable creations: the Hulu River. When it is safe to do so, you can enjoy a swim in the river, which is just a 30 minutes walk from the resort. Visiting the river during rainy seasons, however, is not advisable as rising water levels may prove dangerous to your safety.

You can also trek to the picturesque Narampanawa Hanging Bridge and the serene Rangala Nature Pool. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can take an 8km walk to the Bulathaththa Village or a 10km walk to Narampanawa Temple and immerse yourself in the mystical power of Sri Lanka’s man-made wonders. If you and your partner are looking to spend a day among the trees, you can opt to go on a Knuckles Trek, which is a full-day excursion.

Couples who prefer to stay clear of the forest can enjoy an intimate, romantic picnic in the vast expanse that our resort property has to offer, or go on a relaxing walk around the property and surrounding spaces.

As you retire to the comfort of your room after a great day of adventure, connection and joy, you can enjoy a warm cup of tea in bed, snuggled up to your partner as you watch the sunset between the trees while coloring the sky with muted, soft tones of orange, pink and purple hues.

The complete package and the perfect solution for newlyweds, Santani is one of the best honeymoon resorts in Sri Lanka that you need to visit. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every one of your needs is met beyond expectations.

We welcome you with open arms and ensure a world-class and blissfully romantic relaxing vacation in Sri Lanka. Let the winds of love and the spirit of wellness and adventure guide you to our mountaintop; see you soon at Santani.

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