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Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka – What is Ayurveda – Tips

Fondly tagged as ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’, the island of Sri Lanka is known as a top tourist destination. Traveling in Sri Lanka will provide you with a unique experience filled with mesmerizing views, dreamy beaches, rich biodiversity and with no doubt flavorful and mouth-watering dishes.

Although small, this island has all you need to make your stay an ideal and memorable vacation. From luxurious but comfortable resorts to a community that specializes in hospitality and a new adventure or experience around (almost) every corner. If you are looking for a way to unwind and rejuvenate yourself on holiday, Sri Lanka specializes in this as well. Ayurveda has been practiced in this country for over 3,000 years and an Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka will be ideal for this purpose.

What is Ayurveda?

This is a term you might have heard thrown around quite a lot, but what exactly is the big deal about it? Well, firstly Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It originated in the Indian subcontinent more than 5,000 years ago and has now spread widely across the world because of the benefits that it has been recognized to produce. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on the mind, body and spirit balance. The aim of Ayurveda is to promote healthy wellbeing rather than to specifically counter diseases. Although treatments have now been developed for solving specific health problems, the foundation of Ayurveda is about the prevention of such health issues. One of the key features of Ayurveda is that it takes on a holistic approach to lifestyle. So unlike modern medicine which mainly administers medication, Ayurveda incorporates a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy and yoga and meditation.

Therefore, an Ayurvedic retreat would include all such components and much more. The aim of most Ayurvedic retreats is to rejuvenate and revive your body and mind and help each individual regain their total wellbeing. Ayurvedic retreats are a great way to slow down the pace of your life while improving the quality of it, as you spend some time caring for yourself. There are various packages that are offered by such retreats that could address specific health concerns. But it is important to remember that everybody, regardless of age, occupation, stress level and personality, can receive tangible benefits from an Ayurvedic retreat. But, as Sri Lanka is home to many Ayurveda resorts, how do you make the decision on which one you want to attend?

Helpful tips

Here are 10 helpful tips that you could consider when looking into which Ayurvedic retreat you want to stay at.

  1. Do they have a resident Ayurvedic doctor that you would be able to consult?
  2. Are there extra facilities such as a sauna, hot bath, steam room etc. that are available?
  3. Would you prefer a hilltop Ayurvedic retreat or one that is close to the beach?
  4. What philosophy guides this Ayurvedic retreat?
  5. Are the packages that are offered personalized according to each individual’s needs and preferences?
  6. Are the facilities offered worth it for the cost?
  7. Does the retreat cover a holistic wellness approach looking into the cuisine, fitness and relaxation time?
  8. Are there extra recreational activities offered or organized such as hikes and tours?
  9. Are the Yoga instructors reputable and qualified?
  10. How are the reviews and recommendations online?

What can you expect from an Ayurveda retreat?

According to an Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka, an Ayurveda retreat is a secluded getaway for you to rest and rejuvenate at your own pace away from the stress and exhaustion you’ve built in your day-to-day life. This is a great way to spend your vacation as it provides you with the downtime you crave while also ensuring that it is spent healthily. If you are familiar with stays at hotels or resorts while on holiday, an Ayurveda retreat will provide you with similar amenities with an added element of caring about one’s total well-being. This means that the Ayurveda retreat does not only care for your physical health but also your mental and spiritual, tending to all of it to ensure your total well-being is addressed.

According to Ayurveda, each individual is said to have a unique ratio of three doshas, or humors, known as Vata, Kapha and Pitta. These doshas are believed to be responsible for a person’s physiological, mental and emotional health. For example, one individual may be mostly Vata whereas another might be mostly Kapha. Ayurvedic practitioners can help in determining the constitution of one’s dosha, as they believe that it showcases how one can achieve optimal health.

This highlights the reason why you could expect a customized/personalized stay at an Ayurveda retreat. According to Ayurveda, each person is different, and the way that one should be treated in order to be rejuvenated is also inevitably different. Therefore, the Ayurveda packages, meal plans and spa treatments will all be customized after a one-on-one consultation with an Ayurveda practitioner or resident doctor. This ensures that your experience at an Ayurveda retreat is unlike anything you will experience at a hotel/resort.

What is included in an Ayurveda treatment?

Many Ayurveda resorts have wellness packages that address various health concerns such as stress, sleeping issues, anxiety, addiction, weight loss and many more. These packages are roughly designed but are finalized after a personal consultation with each individual to ensure that each package does cater to the guest’s requirements and preferences. Additionally, the treatment is not limited only to the herbal ointments that are applied but it’s rather a holistic concept that you would experience. This includes customized vegetarian or vegan meals, spa therapies such as sauna, steam room, thermal salt pools and various yoga and meditation practices that teach conscious breath work.

Top 3 Benefits of an Ayurveda Retreat

Regain a healthier and balanced life

As an Ayurveda Retreat takes on a holistic approach, apart from the relaxation and rejuvenation you will experience, you are also given an opportunity to regain a healthier and balanced lifestyle. The practices that are taught and incorporated in the retreat are healthy and aim to create a long-lasting impact on your life. Additionally, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to know how to continue living such a healthy and balanced lifestyle even once you go back to your busy schedules.

A holistic approach to wellness through ancient practices

As discussed above, Ayurveda is an ancient practice that has grown in importance and recognition and has been used across the world. However, an Ayurveda retreat is not limited to the usage of Ayurveda but combines it with many other practices to complement a healthy rejuvenation of your body, mind and soul. This would include meals, leisure activities such as hikes and walks, group activities and so much more.

A greater self-awareness

An Ayurveda retreat would give you plenty of time away from the usual rush and any and all distractions. As the goal of this retreat is to become healthier, this extra time will help you focus on bettering yourself. Inevitably, you will gain a greater understanding and self-awareness about your body and mind, learning more about what works for you, what doesn’t and how you could address health issues in the future.

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