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No More Sleepless Nights: Unwind and Heal at Santani’s Sleep Retreat

Santani Wellness Kandy is Sri Lanka’s first dedicated wellness sanctuary that offers a sleep retreat program for anyone who needs healing from stress and anxiety.

Sleep tourism is a growing trend in the world that offers the necessary time to catch up on sleep and even improve your sleep going forward. Although this is a relatively new concept, it is a much needed one that helps your mind and body get the rest they need amidst this modern hectic lifestyle. Santani Wellness Kandy is Sri Lanka’s first dedicated wellness sanctuary that offers a sleep retreat program for anyone who needs healing from stress and anxiety. This popular package is just one of the many wellness programs that are offered in this breathtaking mountain retreat.

The Modern Sleep Crisis

Sleep is an extremely essential yet overlooked need that is essential for the survival of the human body. Sleep deprivation has now become so prevalent amongst all age groups that it is now considered an epidemic. A global study conducted in 2019 proved that 62% of adults don’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night. Numerous studies have also demonstrated that sleep deprivation not only impairs cognitive function but progressively deteriorates physical health as well.

According to Vickum Nawagamuwage, the founder of Santani Wellness Kandy, the underlying reason of this modern crisis is due to the information overload of the digital age which has caused our brains to process a tremendous capacity of information, resulting in unprecedented stress. “I figured out that the root cause is an evolutionary gap, and our solution should be how to help people adapt fast”

The key to navigating the challenges of the modern world lies in individuals adapting to become their healthiest selves—this encompasses not only physical well-being but also active and conscious healing of the mind. Santani recognizes and embraces this philosophy by providing a range of activities designed to promote mental and soulful healing, allowing guests to embark on a holistic journey toward overall wellness.

Santani’s Sleep Program

When the body is battling chronic pains and conditions, it has a direct impact on sleep. This is why Santani Wellness Kandy adopts a holistic approach to rejuvenation and provides a personalized strategy for rebalancing the mind and body. From carefully cooked gourmet meals to architecture intentionally designed to minimize distractions, the retreat focuses on more than just alleviating symptoms; its programs target the root causes of health and wellness challenges.

Santani’s commitment to Ayurvedic principles involves tailoring programs based on individual doshas, ensuring a customized and comprehensive approach to well-being. Furthermore, the architectural design of Santani reflects a dedication to creating an environment conducive to relaxation and inner balance. By minimizing distractions, the retreat aims to provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere that complements the holistic approach to rejuvenation.

1- Detox and Balance

At Santani, a dedicated focus on addressing sleep issues involves a comprehensive approach. Guests can have a personalized consultation with the resident doctor, resulting in a tailor-made seven-day program. This program is thoughtfully scheduled with activities, meals, and treatments designed to align with each individual’s personal dosha, emphasizing a holistic and balanced approach. The program includes indulgent experiences such as daily spa pampering, guided nature walks, and both group and personal yoga sessions, promoting inner calmness. The unique addition of a physical purge on day six highlights Santani’s commitment to detoxification and resetting the body and chakras, ensuring a harmonious and rejuvenating experience for guests.

2- Wellness Activities

Santani also provides a range of wellness activities to promote restful sleep. The morning Hatha yoga sessions, led by Santani’s yoga maestro, serve as a dynamic start to the day, elevating heart rates and ensuring your limbs are adequately stretched. The retreat takes a unique approach with private yoga nidra sessions, where the instructor’s soothing voice guides participants into a deep state of conscious awareness sleep. The aim of this session is to shut the nervous system down and allow the body to rest and gain the benefits of a deep sleep while being fully awake. “I arise from each half-hour session in a state of bliss, my mind clear of static and my batteries fully charged,” guests have claimed.

The wellness journey also extends to personalized ayurvedic spa treatments lasting 90 minutes each day. In addition to many refreshing massages, it includes the rhythmic pouring of warm oil in the Shirodhara treatment, renowned for its therapeutic benefits in alleviating insomnia and stress. The choorna swedana massage, followed by the application of herbal powder, contributes to toxin reduction, offering a holistic approach to detoxification and overall well-being.

3- Nutritious Cuisines

Santani’s culinary delights play a vital role in promoting both quality sleep and detoxification. Following the ayurvedic principle of Rasa Haya, the personalized fine-dining menus are a combination of traditional Sri Lankan and Western cuisine.

The ingredients sourced freshly and organically from the resort’s very own garden support detoxification by providing nutrient-rich meals that aid in the body’s natural cleansing processes. This holistic approach enhances sleep by balancing internal well-being through carefully selected, nutrient-rich ingredients aligned with Ayurvedic principles.

What Can Be Achieved Through Santani’s Sleep Program?

Through Santani’s Sleep Program, participants can expect to attain a sense of balance that extends beyond their stay. The program offers tangible tools and fosters an awareness of sleep patterns to enhance sleep quality.

“What I have achieved, I believe, is balance; while the tools I take home to improve my sleep are tangible. My sleep patterns may be a work in progress – but Santani has set me on track to a possible dream.

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