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Guest Experience at Santani in 2021

One of the top tourist destinations is opening its borders once again! The beautiful island of Sri Lanka which is quite popular for it picturesque sites and unique experiences, is open for tourists from January 2021. After a tough 2020 with almost zero chance of traveling and being able to pamper yourself, January brings some hope.

With the borders reopening, this also gives you a chance to visit some of the best vacation spots once again. Santani Resort and Spa might be the ideal location for you if you are yearning for some time to focus on yourself, relax and rejuvenate so you are better equipped to handle 2021 head on! But although this may seem appealing, the big question on everyone’s mind is probably ‘is it safe?’

Firstly, the government of Sri Lanka has opened its borders only after consulting health officials and ensuring that the necessary health and safety guidelines are being followed throughout the country. But what about Santani? Are the safety protocols going to affect your experience at this wellness resort? Or will this be the perfect vacation your body, mind and soul needed? If you want to find out the answers for these questions and much more, do keep reading.

Is Santani safe?

Santani has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that they are being responsible during this unprecedented time. Santani has also been awarded the ‘safe and secure’ certificate that has been given by KPMG, which is an independent auditing firm, if the required COVID-19 Health Protocols have been met. You are guaranteed that from the beginning of your stay to the end of it, Santani is going above and beyond to prioritize everyone’s health by being safe and responsible.

Getting to Santani

Santani’s safety protocols begin from the moment you land in Sri Lanka. A vehicle that is certified by Sri Lanka Tourist Board can be arranged to pick you up from the airport adhering to safety protocols to bring you to the resort safely. This service could also be arranged if you are leaving to the airport at the end of your stay. This transport service not only makes your trip more comfortable and easy but it also immediately puts to ease the risk transport might elicit during this time.

Upon Arrival at the Resort

At Santani there has always been a procedure where the guests undergo a wellness check-up by one of the in-house doctors in order to personalize the experience according to each individual’s needs and preferences. Additionally, due to the current situation, there are other measures taken at this initial checkup stage. Each individual’s temperature is checked and recorded and a hand sanitizer is provided so that they are able to sanitize themselves. There is also a self-declaration form that is given so that the guest is aware of the policies and regulations and so that the resort will be able to assess and track each of their guests. Santani’s staff will also sanitize the luggage of each guest, taking extra precautions every step of the way.

During Your Stay

Santani follows strict health guidelines of the Health Ministry, Tourism Ministry, WHO and other health organizations with regard to the operation pool and spa. Santani also ensures that the rooms are disinfected 24 hours before the arrival of the guest. The time and date of each sanitization is mentioned in a chart in each room, which provides the guest with this knowledge as well. Santani’s restaurant will also be practicing physical distancing as the bar and restaurant has been rearranged to follow the health guidelines. Every time the guests enter the restaurant for meals, their temperature will be checked, ensuring that there will be a close tab on each guest’s wellbeing. The yoga equipment will be thoroughly disinfected after each session and the guest’s laundry will also be handled with care to make sure they are washed separately. There is also a section in the resort that can be used for self-isolation if the need arises, but hopefully that won’t be the case.

Santani’s natural design, architecture and location are also quite ideal in a pandemic. Santani is located in the hilly region of Kandy, away from the city life, and surrounded by plenty of fresh air. This secluded spot away from all other human activities decreases the risk of contraction. Secondly, all the common areas at Santani are not enclosed or air-conditioned. This open-air design allows a constant free flow of fresh air, keeping the area well ventilated, which not only helps you feel refreshed but is a much better design in the pandemic as well. The cabins and rooms of Santani are also designed in such a way that it is quite spread out over a vast area of land. Therefore Santani is quite safe as it not only follows the necessary health precautions but is also designed in such a way that is in line with the regulations.

What About the Staff?

You will be glad to note that these regulations are enforced on the staff as well. The staff will be required to wear masks and even gloves if their particular jobs require it. Their temperature is checked three times a day as well with their wellness tracked through the self-declaration form they will be required to fill. The staff have been trained and informed about the regulations and safety protocol and Santani guarantees that each member of the staff will be a responsible citizen.

Additionally, Santani also has a ‘Rapid Response Team’ that is formed with the goal to ensure that everything happens according to the set regulations. There are two in-house doctors that are a part of this team as well to monitor the health and safety protocols. This team overlooks the regulations of the resort as a whole, observing the guests and staff to ensure that all the guidelines are followed. This team is accountable to the Management who will also be overlooking this, ensuring that strict guidelines will be followed. This team includes a member from each department and will have frequent meetings to review the situation and update the regulations according to the most recent news and guidelines. Therefore you can be assured that the guidelines and safety protocol will always be up to date.

Will it hinder your experience?

Although there have been many changes that have been enforced at Santani, this is the ‘new normal’ that we have to be accustomed to. It’s been less than a year since COVID-19 took over and we are already used to wearing the mask in public places, sanitizing ourselves and getting our temperature checked. Santani has done its best to ensure that these changes would not affect the overall experience. Yoga sessions are continuing as usual except that posture adjustment will be done verbally instead of physically. The dining experience will be the same except that the tables will be set further apart. And masks will only be required to be worn in public areas but not when the guests are engaging in activities. The excursions aspect of Santani remains unaffected as it is all out in the open.

Therefore even though Santani is following the regulations very closely to ensure safety for all concerned, these regulations will not take anything away from this wellness experience. This stay at Santani right after what has been such a stressful year, might be just what you need to rejuvenate yourself and give your body the relaxation and pampering it deserves.

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