Santani’s stress management retreat program takes one’s work patterns, daily routines and key stresses into consideration. It studies these for full scope remedy that can be adapted and stays long after it’s first introduced. The best practices that are recommended is a fine mix of yoga asanas, pranayama, Ayurvedic therapies, meditation and nature immersions to benefit the guest. Designed through individual consultation, the programs may run for 7 to 14 days for optimal results.

Treatment 5 Nights 7 Nights 14 Nights
Ayurveda & International Therapy sessions 5 7 14
Cleansing procedures* 1 2
Personal yoga sessions 1 2
Pranayama sessions 1 1 2
Meditation sessions 1 1 2
Guided Nature Walks with the naturalist 1 2 4
  • Accommodation in a sublime Chalet
  • Wellness consultation upon arrival and departure with the Doctor, including body type analysis and setting lifestyles goals
  • A personalized diet plan that helps to bring the body and mind back to the natural rhythm
  • Herbal tea and medication to improve sleep
  • Daily morning and evening Hatha yoga practice – group sessions
  • Ongoing progress check by the Doctor
  • Daily use of the thermal saltwater bath, steam and sauna
  • Lifestyle discussions and mindful living guidance
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