If you are looking for a safe and effective method to lose weight without strenuous exercise routines, hard dietary restrictions and rigorous mental discipline that is impossible to keep up to, consider Santani’s proven weight-management retreat programme.

Aimed to gain control of your weight management through a systematic approach based on Ayurvedic and western treatments, detox therapies, movements, yoga, diet and meditation that is easy to be integrated into your life habits. Designed to suit each individual, this programme enhances vigour, confidence and overall body toning through improving metabolism to give a new you.

Treatment7 Nights14 Nights21 Nights
Ayurveda & International Therapy sessions71421
Cleansing procedures*134
Personal yoga sessions123
Pranayama sessions113
Meditation sessions 12
Guided walks/hikes246
  • Wellness consultation upon arrival and departure with the Doctor, including body type analysis and setting lifestyles goals
  • A strict personalized diet plan that induces fat-burning
  • Herbal medication to correct the imbalance and increase metabolism/Burn fat
  • Daily morning and evening Hatha yoga practice – group sessions
  • Ongoing progress check by the Doctor
  • Daily use of thermal saltwater bath, steam and sauna
  • Lifestyle discussions and healthy living guidance
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