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World Gastronomy Day at Santani Wellness Kandy: Nourishing the Body and Soul

World Gastronomy Day, on June 18th, celebrates sustainable cooking. At Santani, we embrace this by integrating sustainable gastronomy along with our wellness philosophy, nourishing the body and soul as well as respecting the environment
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World Gastronomy Day, celebrated on June 18th, is a day dedicated to appreciating the art of cooking while emphasising the importance of sustainable practices in the culinary world. At Santani, we take this celebration to heart, integrating sustainable gastronomy into our wellness philosophy to nourish both body and soul. This global observance emphasises the importance of sustainable practices in gastronomy, from farm to fork, and how they contribute to overall well-being and environmental health.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Santani Wellness Kandy, our culinary operations are built on the foundation of sustainability. We prioritise the use of organic, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that our dishes are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly.

Our on-site organic farm is the heart of our sustainability efforts. Here, we cultivate a variety of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers using organic farming methods. These practices avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, which helps maintain soil health and promote biodiversity. By growing our own produce, we can guarantee that our ingredients are fresh, nutrient-rich, and free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, managing our farm allows us to practise crop rotation and composting, further enhancing soil fertility and reducing waste.

When additional ingredients are needed, we turn to local farmers who share our commitment to sustainability. These partnerships are crucial in supporting our local farmers and preserving traditional farming practices, fostering community and ensuring that our guests experience the true essence of Sri Lankan cuisine. By choosing to work with local suppliers we also minimise food miles, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation, and reduce our reliance on long supply chains that contribute to environmental degradation.

Wellness and Dining Philosophy

At the core of our dining philosophy is the belief that food is a vital component of overall wellness. Every dish we serve is crafted with the intention of providing not just sustenance, but also a sense of well-being. Our menus are designed to offer balanced nutrition, focusing on whole, unprocessed foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This approach helps our guests feel revitalised and energised, supporting their wellness journey during their stay with us.

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In essence, our wellness and dining philosophy at Santani is about creating a harmonious relationship between our guests and the environment. By offering meals that are both nourishing and sustainable, we provide an experience that enriches the body, soothes the soul, and respects the planet. This holistic approach ensures that our guests leave not only feeling healthier but also more connected to the world around them.

Beyond the Kitchen

Our commitment extends beyond sourcing to include eco-friendly practices in our kitchen operations. We strive to minimise waste by using every part of the ingredient, composting organic waste, and recycling packaging materials. Our chefs are trained to create menus that reflect seasonal availability, which not only ensures the freshest flavours but also reduces the environmental impact of food production. Seasonal cooking means that our dishes vary throughout the year, providing our guests with a diverse and dynamic dining experience that aligns with the natural growing cycles of our region.

Through our commitment to farm-to-table dining and educational initiatives, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for sustainable gastronomy and its role in enhancing well-being and protecting our planet. By upholding these sustainable practices, we ensure that our culinary offerings are not only exceptional in taste and quality but also contribute positively to the environment and local communities. At Santani, we believe that true wellness encompasses a respect for the planet, so here’s to World Gastronomy Day!

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