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Vogue Hong Kong Recognizes Santani Resort & Spa

In February of this year, Vogue Hong Kong recognized Santani Resort and Spa as one of the one the most idyllic Ayurvedic Retreats on Asian soil. The popular lifestyle magazine listed the resort as the best wellness resort in Sri Lanka, a getaway location perfect for those looking for a reset point.

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Set in the mountains of the island nation, away from the commercial and metropolitan, the resort offers a generous and well-rounded wellness experience for the weary traveler well-worthy of the title recently fixed upon it.

Kandy, the mountainous region where Santani is located, at once encapsulates the tropical beauty that Sri Lanka is renowned for, while serving a perfect backdrop for the holistic wellness reset extended at Santani. Situated an hour’s drive away from the hustle of the busy Kandyan city, the road leading to Santani is scenic, perfectly capturing the relaxation that the resort itself offers to those who find themselves bound there. The expedition through the rolling landscapes of the hill country’s distinctive regional scenery, the lush green grounds that were once a former tea estate and the fresh mountain air all descend a sense of peace upon one’s mind, even before one arrives at their destination- a peace which only deepens from there.

Santani- a Sanskrit word meaning “in harmony with”– is a lifestyle experience that goes beyond being your average vacation destination. Rooted in the belief that sustainable wellness begins with the self, the resort caters to bringing oneself into that balance with nature through a personally curated programme unique to each of its patrons. Drawing from the inherent, rich Ayurvedic traditions of historic Lanka, Santani has managed to combine the modern and contemporary with an age-old way of life that has benefited people for centuries. Beginning with a personalized consultation, Santani then crafts an exclusive experience based on one’s preferences, and physical and spiritual needs. From customized meals to the architecture that blends, not intrudes, with nature, Santani makes sure to leave no box unchecked, always going beyond the ordinary to serve the best possible routine for its guests. The dwellings are based on the old concept of ‘ambalama’, a local word meaning ‘place of rest’. Minimal and stylish, the rooms immerse one in the beauty of the surrounding hilly country, allowing the mind to regain focus by chiseling away the anxieties and distractions that come with the mélange of everyday living. The rooms do not have televisions, though WiFi can be arranged on request, to deepen the harmony and balance that starts from within.

The philosophy behind the name extends to well beyond simply existing on paper. At Santani, it become a lifestyle and belief centering everything that makes the Santani experience a real and meaningful one. Helping one reach internal balance by exploring the self through peaceful surroundings and practices, and the two-way relationship of nurture that exists from and due to that balance, permeates everything at Santani, well cementing its position as the most idyllic wellness retreat on the Sri Lankan isle.

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