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Take a Wellness Vacation at the Best Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

We are three-quarters way through the year, and it is natural to think about where you would like to go to end the year on a good note. We would highly recommend a wellness vacation so you get the rest and recovery you definitely need and deserve after what might have been quite an eventful and stressful year.

A wellness vacation gives you the opportunity to indulge in the luxuries, comfort and adventurous experiences of any other holiday while paying extra care to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, ensuring that you will leave rejuvenated.

One of the best Ayurveda retreats in Sri Lanka is Santani Resort and Spa. This luxury wellness resort gives each guest a personalized experience to be benefitted from the ancient system of Ayurveda in a manner that is not threatening and comfortable to ease into even if you have not been exposed to this previously. There are many reasons why a stay at Santani might be the ideal one for you, and below are our top reasons.

Rejuvenation and Holistic Wellness

As mentioned above, Santani focuses on holistic wellness and aims to rejuvenate your total well-being so you will go back from your holiday feeling lighter and healthier. There are two main Ayurveda packages that they offer. The first is titled ‘Santani Recovery’ and is suited for anyone who has undergone emotional or physical trauma and wishes to regain a healthier balanced life. Whether you have experienced surgery, heart attacks and strokes or have dealt with emotional losses this year, this program is designed for you. This package includes daily 90-minute Ayurvedic treatment and spa therapies, training focused on rehabilitation and wellness coaching to incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life even after your vacation through nutrition, yoga and meditation and group hatha yoga and meditation. The second package titled ‘Personal Dosha Retreat’ is a more general package that is for all those who are keen to experience the benefits of Ayurveda or would like to be treated for specific health conditions. The package includes group hatha yoga sessions, prescribed Ayurvedic treatments and other services. This package aims to provide you with the benefits of a curative or preventative Ayurvedic treatment regime.

There are many other packages that are offered by Santani, such as programs that address stress, detox, immune-boosting, de-addiction and healthy living. An important aspect of all the packages that are offered by this wellness resort is that it is run on the policy that ‘no two people are alike’. Hence, although the packages have a framework, each program is personalized after an assessment of each guest’s body composition, current lifestyle, stress, fitness, emotional state and future goals to ensure that the maximum benefit is received.

Book Now!

A stay at this beautiful resort, with Michelin-star dishes and an opportunity to have a unique and beneficial experience, seems to be too good to be true. Additionally, the offer that is active now should close the deal if you are considering a stay at Santani. The Wellness Getaway Offer gives guests an opportunity to stay for 7 days while paying for only five! You will still be privy to all the services including guided nature walks and hiking, unlimited fresh juices and herbal tea, lifestyle workshops, access to the sauna, steam room and thermal saltwater bath and so much more.

But if you are seeing this after the offer is closed, check this page out to see if you are lucky enough to get any other deals!

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