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Regain a Healthier Balanced Life at an Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda treatment is an ancient medical system native to India. It includes herbal treatments, yoga, massages and acupuncture to enhance the total wellbeing of an individual. This treatment gained popularity and has spread throughout the world due to its numerous benefits.

An Ayurveda retreat is the perfect retreat for anyone who is overwhelmed with their daily routine, facing physical and mental stress or trauma or in desperate need of a relaxing vacation. The aim of an Ayurveda retreat is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and assist individuals in achieving it.

Santani Resort & Spa is a wellness clinic located in the centre of the island, in a small town away from the rush of the city, surrounded by mountains and a river in a very comfortable climate. Santani prioritizes the sustainable wellbeing of each individual as their aim is for you to experience natural rejuvenation that will last long after you leave the retreat. As the focus is the physical and emotional wellbeing of an individual, Santani offers a range of activities and packages that could be chosen according to your personal needs. Additionally, all meal plans and exercise regimes are personalized and customized according to each individual ensuring you are cared for in the best possible way.

Santani’s Ayurveda treatment includes such packages that focus on bringing you a unique experience to regain a healthier balanced life. Initially, an assessment will be conducted by a team of wellness professionals to determine and customize your Ayurveda treatment based on your body composition, fitness, stress and emotional state among other aspects. The pampering you will receive through the Ayurveda treatment may be just what your body needs to help you regain sustainable wellbeing. This Ayurveda package includes treatment for those suffering from physical and emotional trauma designed and conducted by professionals. Although usually achieving long term gain is at the expense of short term pain, this method of achieving a well-balanced life is relaxing and beneficial even in the short run.

Santani Recovery

This first package that is offered under the Santani Resort and Spa Ayurveda treatment method is termed as Santani Recovery. The aim of this package is to assist individuals who have undergone traumatic and emotionally scarring experiences to experience healing for these internal wounds as well as improving and strengthening their overall wellbeing. This package caters to those who have been through physical trauma such as surgery, chemotherapy, strokes or other health complications as well as those who have experienced emotional losses.

This package includes a diet that consists primarily of vegetarian and raw food menu that is customized according to each individual. This is designed in order to ensure the process of detox and cleansing the system of unhealthy eating habits and foods in order to ensure holistic wellbeing. Additionally, a wellness consultation with a resident doctor is also included in the package which will allow the individual to be cared for personally. Group Hatha Yoga and other group activities to work on meditation and breathing in order to recover from the trauma are also encouraged in this package.

The main component of this package, the Ayurveda treatments and spa therapies are given for 90 minutes per day in order to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. This relaxing treatment relieves the stress that the body has undergone due to the trauma and helps refresh the mind as well. Additionally, as the goal of Santani is about sustainable wellbeing, coaching is available for the individual to learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into their daily routine even after they leave the retreat. Suggestions regarding nutrition, yoga exercises and meditation practices are personally given depending on the progress and experience of each individual.

Personal Dosha Ayurveda Retreat

This second package is aimed to help those suffering from various health conditions through Ayurvedic treatment. The customized practice of Ayurveda brings about many benefits that are curative and preventive that could assist individuals in their specific health condition. The treatment is formed in a way that the individual will be able to reap the health benefits of this regime while enjoying this relaxing retreat.

This package includes a personalized Ayurveda consultation with the resident Ayurvedic doctor to help design the treatment schedule to your specific needs in a way that will be best for you. Additionally, there will be prescribed Ayurveda treatments 90 minutes per day to strengthen and improve the individual’s general wellbeing. Group Hatha yoga sessions are also included as it could help in regaining a balanced life. Additionally, the meal plan is also customized and in order to ensure a healthy diet majority of the menu includes vegetarian meals.

These packages are also open to all those who wish to enjoy the restorative and re-energizing powers of Ayurveda treatment. It is not limited to only those with health difficulties or past traumatic experiences. Regardless of what you have experienced the Ayurvedic treatment will be customized for you. For more information on the packages and what will suit you best, the team will be happy to assist you.

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