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How to Make Working from Home Effective? (Part 02)

Yes, we are quite far into 2021 and we are still working from home. The novelty of it all has vanished. Not having to dress up for meetings is not as exciting anymore, staying home all day is not as comfortable as we first thought and our work ethic and productivity has been dwindling over the last couple of months.

In part one of our article we stated 5 ways we thought we could make working from home more effective. And as we need all the help we can get, here are 5 more ways to increase productivity at work when working from home.

Have a routine

Has working from home messed up your schedules? Before the pandemic, you may have had got used to a particular type of routine. There was a certain time you needed to leave home, a certain time you took a lunch break and a certain time you finished work (on most days). But, since working from home has blurred all these lines, we get up just in time to log on to work or work till midnight sometimes because…we are working from home. Sometimes it is not in our control to determine our work schedule, but in most parts, try to create your agenda for the day, slotting in times for relaxation and, most importantly, for meals to not neglect your well-being.

Soak up some sunrays

Working from home also means less outdoor time. Sunlight and being exposed to the sun is proved to have a positive impact on mental health and general mood. Apart from the mental benefits it also has quite important physical benefits. Being exposed to sunlight causes a person’s skin to produce Vitamin D. This Vitamin helps maintain calcium and prevent brittle bones. So if you are feeling more tired than usual, even though you have been less active, this may be why. And if you have darker skin, it also takes more time being exposed in the sun to produce Vitamin D. So take a break and enjoy the sunlight in the morning.

Take a break

Talking about taking breaks… during your last break were you able to enjoy what you were doing without thinking about work at all? Or were you sneaking in a quick episode of your favourite TV series in between your work assignments? Although this may be what you need to get you through, this might not be the healthiest. Screen fatigue is a real problem and this is also because of the lack of breaks we give ourselves when we work from home. So let’s change that and be intentional about taking regular breaks. This would not only boost our productivity at work but also help uplift our spirits.

Have a clean environment

The kind of environment you work in influences your mood and work ethic. Leftover crumbs from last night’s dinner, an unwashed mug, paper work all over your desk and some ants crawling around. If reading this is making you uncomfortable, that is a clear sign that you need a clean environment to be productive. Taking 10 minutes before you start work to clean your working space can do wonders. Starting the day off with an accomplished task could also help boost morale.

Call your co-workers

Before the pandemic, going to work may have been more fun because you got to share the experience with co-workers. Whether it’s complaining about a work assignment to each other, going on a coffee break together or sharing inside jokes about your work only your co-workers would understand. So make it a point to bring that back. Rather than contacting your co-workers only on official business, call them once a day, to catch up, maybe play some games or even rant about office politics. You may be required to work from home but that doesn’t mean you need to work alone. Your co-workers could really help you have a better work from home experience.

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