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How can a Wellness Retreat Will Help Boost Your Immune System?

A healthy immune system is a must for a long, comfortable and happy life. However, most modern day activities and habits generally result in a weak immune system; which in turn makes living a normal life nearly impossible.

If you’ve heard from friends that a stay at a wellness retreat can affect your immune system positively, and are wondering how that works, the below information is just the right and informative post for you.

But first, how can you say, without a doctor’s appointment, if your immune system is weak?

While most signs of a weak immune system cannot be identified without tests and consulting a doctor, there are a few signs that we may spot for ourselves. One of the primary symptoms of a weak immune system that you can spot is how susceptible your body is towards viruses and infections. As the job of your immune system is to fight off viruses and infections from entering the body, if you find yourself falling sick a lot more often than your co-workers or family members, and if that is causing havoc in your day to day life, then it may be a sign that your immune system is weak.

One other major sign that lets you know your immune system needs attention is if you find yourself having issues with your digestive system frequently. Abdominal cramping, diarrhea and a loss of appetite are some of the common symptoms in this case. Remember, these could also be the result of stress and poor eating habits.

Other than this, a constant feeling of fatigue (despite you getting enough sleep) and slow healing of wounds too can be signs of trouble in your immune system.

How does a wellness retreat fit the picture?

Wellness retreats generally aim to improve your life. They tackle some of the key issues of modern living that affect not only your immune system, but your life as a whole. Those key issues are:

  • Not paying attention to mental health and stress.
  • Insufficient or a complete lack of exercise.
  • Not eating clean.

And while there are plenty of types of health and wellness retreats for you to choose from, it’s inevitable that no matter what type of retreat you choose, you’ll find yourself not only partaking in activities that relaxes your mind and rejuvenates it for the duration of your stay, but also forming habits and learning activities that keep your mental health thriving in the future.

You may also be introduced to stress busting activities like yoga and meditation during your stay at a wellness retreat. This inevitably helps you strengthen your immune system in the long run, as stress is generally considered a cause that has negative affects on your immune system.

Finally, most (if not all) wellness retreats also pay special attention to the food they serve their guests; striving to help the guests form a habit of eating clean and healthy food. As our nutrition intake plays a significant role in keeping our body and mind healthy, this too will have a positive impact on your immune system.

Other than the above, a wellness retreat is also getaway trip of a sort; giving an opportunity for you to get away from your everyday toxic environment. This too will have a positive impact on your immune system.

When choosing the right place for you from the many interesting wellness retreats in Sri Lanka, remember the above and opt for a place that will give you the results you need.

Beyond a wellness retreat, what else can I do to lend my immune system a hand?

From the above, we understand that in order to give your immune system a boost, you need to eat healthy, practice stress relieving activities, maintain a good mental health, and exercise regularly.

Beyond that, it’s also vital that you:

Sleep well – Adults need at least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted night time sleep, regularly, in order to maintain a healthy life. For some, taking a power nap of 20 minutes before 03 p.m. can also promote better night sleep.

Maintain a healthy weight – exercising regularly and eating smartly will do this job for you. However, you could also use your weakening immune system as a motivation for the days you want to slack off!

Quit smoking – this is a no brainer; but reminders can never hurt. Quit your smoking today. It is killing you internally and affecting those close to you (physically) as well. If quitting feels impossible, then at least bring the quantity down to a minimum.

NOTE: that if the above symptoms of fatigue, frequent illnesses and stomach ailments persist despite you changing your habits, it’s best consulting a doctor at the earliest possible date.

The above shows you why and how a stay at the wellness retreat can have a positive affect on your immune system. And while it’s true that you can certainly get your immune system back on track without having to embark on a wellness retreat adventure, doing so will make this journey to a healthier immune system more interesting and less tedious¾making it feel almost like taking a vacation.

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