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A Recap of the Reviews on TripAdvisor in September 2022

M&J travelled as a couple and rated this resort a 10/10 stay and tagged it as one of the most memorable and relaxing stays they have ever had in any country!

Santani Wellness Resort is a popular holiday spot throughout the year. M&J travelled as a couple and rated this resort a 10/10 stay and tagged it as one of the most memorable and relaxing stays they have ever had in any country!

One of the many awe-striking features mentioned in the review was the location which was described as ‘absolutely breath-taking.’ Santani’s prime placement of being perched on top of a valley surrounded by pristine nature allows for a constant cooling breeze throughout the day. M & J note the bird songs and gentle rustling of trees that one is constantly surrounded by which makes the whole experience magical as the panoramic views cannot be topped.

The design and architecture of the restaurant, lounge area and general resort are also commended as it is done in a way where the beautiful landscape is highlighted. The travellers also admire the sustainable design of the rooms as the winds sweeping through the valleys are taken advantage of. The opportunity to relax in stunning spa facilities such as a thermal salt pool while being able to watch birds roaming the law is described as ‘pure tranquillity.’

Additionally, the dining experience has also been described as a highlight as each dish was perfectly cooked using the freshest ingredients. M & J describe the quality of cooking as Michelin level and note how everything is made in the restaurant, from the bread, butter, compote, and granola to the various savoury spreads. The icing on this cake is the flawless service provided by the restaurant staff that were genuinely nice and friendly, making this experience special and memorable.

Dinali Lokugamage also highlights the great food and service they experienced during their stay at Santani. They express how they loved all the dips, the soups and the huge spread that was provided during the Sri Lankan dinner as well as the fresh juices and the desserts offered, concluding their remarks about the food as ‘definitely a place a foodie must go.’ They mention that their two-night stay to celebrate a birthday was perfect as the service was smooth, the staff was very accommodating and even went the extra mile in arranging some flowers and a cake for a friend.

Dinali described this visit as serene, peaceful, and luxurious as the morning walks with the naturalist, the opportunity to watch the sunrise and sunset and listen to the sounds of nature were highlighted. She notes that it almost feels like ‘you are cut off from the rest of the world.’ Their concluding remark is that they loved everything about their stay there and are definitely going back.

Both these travellers have nothing but good remarks to say about Santani. Dinali is a travel agent who says that she has clients that visit Santani once a year which is quite explanatory about the standard and quality of the experience you will receive. M & J mention that Santani exceeded all their expectations and are looking forward to returning as soon as possible.

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