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A Recap of the Reviews on Tripadvisor in May & June 2023

Read on to find out how Santani Wellness Kandy continued to enchant guests in May & June 2023 with transformative experiences.
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The months of May and June 2023 continued to captivate the hearts of the Santani visitors, offering transformative experiences that nurture both body and soul. With reviews for Santani pouring in on TripAdvisor month after month, it’s evident that Santani Wellness Kandy leaves its guests spellbound with its exquisite offerings.

Amal’s review paints a vivid picture of Santani’s elegance and attention to detail. From the serene rooms to the inviting spa, every aspect of this sanctuary is designed to cocoon guests in relaxation. However, it’s the people who truly shine in Amal’s account. The doctors, chefs, yoga masters, therapists, and every staff member are described as individuals who pour their hearts into their work. The culinary journey is particularly highlighted, with each meal being hailed as a Michelin star-worthy experience. Amal’s favorite memory was his encounter with Chef Indika, who shared the art of crafting Sri Lankan curries with him. The Ayurveda package, yoga classes with Saman, and the overall five-night stay left Amal wishing for more, a testament to the profound impact of Santani’s offerings.

Jet’s review echoes the sentiments of luxury and well-being that Santani epitomizes. Jet and their companions embarked on a journey of detox and weight loss, meticulously managed by the dedicated team. The gastronomic experience, even while adhering to health-conscious measurements, is described as gourmet and exceptional. The activities at Santani, including guided walks to rivers, provide guests with unforgettable experiences beyond the retreat’s confines. The Ayurvedic Doctor, Yoga Master, and therapists are commended for their holistic approaches and unwavering dedication. This combination of wellness and leisure renders the stay a harmonious blend of rejuvenation and tranquility.

Departure29763085361’s review captures the essence of Santani as a place for celebration and exceptional experiences. Marking their anniversary, the couple encountered a short but enchanting stay where the Santani Team had given them a lovely surprise and made them feel exceptionally special. Like every other reviewer, this review also echos about the hospitality of the staff and the delicious cuisines. This review concludes with gratitude and appreciation to everyone who made their stay feel like home and the promise to return for a longer stay, a sentiment that echoes the desires of countless Santani visitors.

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