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A Recap of the Reviews on TripAdvisor in January 2019

At the turn of the New Year guests enjoyed their time as a way to revitalise and rejuvenate, as well as relieve their stress before the demands of the New Year.

Niyo K enjoyed the surroundings of the resort to the full, hiking to the Hulu Ganga for a dip in its crystal clear waters and learning more about the various fruits and flowers that grow in the area with the help of the in-house naturalist. Extremely happy with the healthy and delicious locally grown food, Niyo K had especially kind words for the waiters, showing that sincere hospitality indeed goes a long way.

684katerina from Dublin spent a week there, wishing that they could stay longer! She called the place ‘out of this world’, truly in awe of the simple beauty of the resort. She was also ‘hooked on yoga’ after enjoying both the group yoga sessions as well as a private one, sparking an appreciation for yoga that is sure to grow. She was also delighted with the eco and minimalist concept of the place, and saw the beauty in the simplicity of Santani’s design, realising that the retreat is a way of getting closer to nature and becoming more grounded. Steph M too saw the life changing appeal of Santani, taking full advantage of the services offered, participating in both Yoga and Meditation as well as daily hikes. Steph M also loved it so much that they declared they would be ‘returning in June’!

Janie M was extremely happy with the massages in particular, calling them ‘the best in the world’. She enjoyed exercising along with yoga and the beautiful scenery. Talking about how peaceful the setting of the villas is and how close guests can be to nature, she says that it is wonderful to listen to the monkeys and birds while drifting off to sleep, saying that felt like she was ‘outdoors but with the comforts of being indoors’.

These guests evidently enjoyed the proximity to nature and understood the philosophy behind Santani: that of mindfulness, health and respect for nature. Why not come and experience this peace for yourself?

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